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Title: Podthology
Editor: Timothy Reynolds
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press
Published: April 28, 2010
Pages: 314
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Podthology: The Pod Complex is a 2010 anthology that contains the stories The Bag Man, Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned and Hero, written by Scott Sigler.

Book Synopsis

Dragged from the dark recesses of fourteen imaginations and into the light cast by podcasting, The Pod Complex brings together sixteen dark, light and twisted tales from the podosphere and then five more about podcasting itself. Inside Dragon Moon's first Podthology can be found demons, angels, pirates, ghosts, ghouls, the past, the future, and one slightly confused Vietnam veteran.

Join writers Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, Mike Bennett, Emerson Rich and the others as they chill your spine, raise your hackles, tickle your funny bone and maybe even make you ponder your own special place in the Podosphere.


  1. Introduction by Timothy Reynolds
  2. Foreword by Tee Morris
  3. Stranded by Phil Rossi
  4. A Pint to Prophecy, by Marie Bilodeau
  5. Cold Duty, by J. Daniel Sawyer
  6. Fractura, by Jack Mangan
  7. The Bag Man, by Scott Sigler
  8. What the Damned Owe, by Jared Axelrod
  9. Salvation, by Mike Bennett
  10. Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned by Scott Sigler
  11. Creature of God, by Jack Mangan
  12. Angels Unaware, by J. Daniel Sawyer
  13. The Curse of the Forward-Thinking Gentleman, by Jared Axelrod
  14. Pirates of the Crimson Sands, by Justin R. Macumber
  15. The Man in the Rain, by J. Daniel Sawyer
  16. Death of the machines, by Emerian Rich
  17. Asleep at the Wheel, by Tee Morris
  18. Hero, by Scott Sigler
  19. Soapbox 1.1 Beta, by E.A. Zefram
  20. Uncle Julius, by Timothy G.M. Reynolds
  21. The Eyes Have It, by J.D. Williams
  22. ElectroFunkSeppuku, by Jennifer Rahn
  23. From Anna to Yousef, as reported by Alexander T. Crisp

Release Schedule

Print editions

Cover Art Edition Country Release Date ISBN
1st ed. Paperback United States April 28, 2010 ISBN 978-1897492093

Digital editions

Cover Art Edition Country Release Date
1st ed. eBook Global February 16, 2011

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