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==[[The Champion]]==
==[[The Champion]]==
References (hardcover, unless otherwise noted):
<references />
From the MVP (I think this is one):
From the MVP (I think this is one):
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Petra is a fan of Harry Potter.
Petra is a fan of Harry Potter.
References (hardcover, unless otherwise noted):
Curtis Dustin Don't forget the Pac man reference in the champion. One of the bodysuit patterns
<references />

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Scott Sigler is a child of the 80s. He has put a number of references to pop culture into his books. This list will attempt to identify them.

The Rookie

The Starter

The All-Pro

  • after Quentin shoots and destroys a pirate ship[1]:
"I got him!" Quentin said. "I got him!"
"Great, Quentin," Virak said. "Do not grow overconfident."

This is a reference to the scene in Star Wars when Luke shoots a TIE fighter and has pretty much the same conversation with Han.


  • The Prawatt play The Game, which is an on-ground version of Quidditch, from the Harry Potter books.
  • After Quentin answers, "No, I'm not!" to a Sklorno priestess who asks him is he is their Godling. Don Pine pulls Quentin aside and says[2],
"When someone asks you if you are a godling, you say YES."

This is a reference to a scene in Ghostbusters.

The Champion

References (hardcover, unless otherwise noted):

  1. The All-Pro, p.num
  2. The MVP, p.num

From the MVP (I think this is one): Virak walked out to join Choto. "I despise these primitive screwheads." - "primitive screwheads" is a phrase from Army of Darkness, though the phrasing is a little different. Still, I'm counting it.

John Vizcarra Also from the MVP: "Quentin smiled at her. 'Aren't you a little small to be a Green?'" - reference to Star Wars

John Vizcarra From The Champion: the bar where they end their pub crawl on Neptune is called "Kessel's Run," which is the run that Han Solo made in less than 12 parsecs in Star Wars.

John Vizcarra From The Champion: Paul "Bandit" Preston is killed in the attack on Bord. Denver bounces up and down, saying "Paulisdead Paulisdead Paulisdead" in a somber tone. Reference to the "Paul is dead" hoax.

John Vizcarra Here's another one from The All-Pro: Tarat the Smasher tells Akbar, "Akbar, you are starting to make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." - This is a nod to David Banner's line from The Incredible Hulk TV show, "Mr. Magee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." :)

John Vizcarra From The Reporter: Yolanda, checks left and right - no way out. "Follow me if you want to live!" - harkens back to the Terminator. Kyle Reece speaking to Sarah Connor (slightly different wording)

John Vizcarra Came across another from The Reporter:

Turon the Ugly is holding a welder aloft, threatening to burn Yolanda to get information out of her.

Yolanda: "You don't need that,. I'll tell you everything." Turon: "I know you will."

This is a similar scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, between Marion Ravenwood and Toht.

Clarence Otto, in Pandemic: “Everybody out!” he screamed as he stumbled around to the other side. “Move, move! Get to the chopper!”

This is, I believe, a shoutout to the scene in Predator where Arnie calmly advises someone to get aboard the helicopter.

Adeolu Adebayo This one's not quite old school, rather more pop cultural/thematic:

In The Champion, Quentin winds up on the cover of Madden near the beginning of the book. He then (SUPER SPOILER) has a career ending injury at the end. ...See More

Daryl Delancey From contagious: Dew cant keep up with Perry, he says, "I'm too old for this crap." Lethal weapon.

Mike King Not 80s, but there is, Ju Teeety saying, "Practice. You're talking about Practice, not a game, practice" a la Iverson. And there is also Jim Mora's, "Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. Playoffs?" Mike King John Vizcarra https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eGDBR2L5kzI Mike King John Vizcarra https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwq7BYOnDrM John Vizcarra Thanks for those, Mike. So where in the books are these referenced? (Asking for a wiki friend...) Mike King John Vizcarra The Iverson is in The Starter shortly after Ju joins the team. I don't have access to my kindle now. The Mora I think is in the Champion. John Vizcarra Mike King found it in the starter, Chapter 12:

“Ju laughed. “Practice? What are we talkin’ about, man... practice? Not a game, not a game... we talkin’ about practice? I save it for the games, Q.”

EXCELLENT catch, Mike! I looked for the playoffs one, but couldn't find it. If you can find it at some point, that'd be great.

Daryl Delancey Contagious. When Ogden is being "converted" a few platoon references.

John Vizcarra This one is fairly obvious, but in the MVP when we first meet the Prawatt, Captain Kate makes a comment about how absurd it would be for a starship captain to board another vessel or go down to a strange planet. She is basically making fun of the Captain-Kirk-as-part-of-away-team from the original Star Trek series. Which is made all the more fun by Sigler effecting a Shatner-esque speaking style for the Prawatt Captain. Good times.

Who else caught the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references in The All-Pro? So long and thanks for all the fish

MVP: "Are you saying that if you do this thing fo rme, someday you'll ask me for a favor?" Oh, he liked the way that sounded. "That day may never come, but yes. I haven't agreed to help you, but if I choose to do what you ask, then you will owe me." --possibly referring to Godfather.

Petra is a fan of Harry Potter.

Curtis Dustin Don't forget the Pac man reference in the champion. One of the bodysuit patterns