Pope Siglericus XXX

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Pope Siglericus XXX giving moist blessing to his subjects

Pope Siglericus XXX is a distinct and complex identity within the arsenal of Scott Sigler’s multifaceted personality. He is the main cleric in charge of the church of Siglerism and he has amassed a following of rabid believers (also known as Junkies) who fervently follow his decrees.


Although frequently mistaken for the celebrity author Scott Sigler, Pope Siglericus XXX is indeed just one of the intense personalities within the author. When moist blessings need to be bestowed on the flock, Pope Siglericus XXX became the dominant personality that controlled Sigler’s behavior and from time to time would do so to the exclusion of the other personalities. The Pope is frequently mistaken for the popular and effervescent personality known as the FDO™. The Pope holds the date of the 1st of April as a solemn national holiday. Followers around the world unabashedly celebrate the release of Ancestor and Infected on this day.


The Pope also recently graced the attendants of SiglerFest 2011 with his prescence. He gave a short speech with translations being done by junkie Athanas. It was through this speech that it was revealed that the Pope is only fluent in Latin and angry English.

At SiglerFest 2012, Pope Siglericus XXX again spread his moist blessings amongst the attendees. For the second year in a row, junkie Athanas served as the Pope's personal translator. This led to the title of Official Translator of Pope Siglericus XXX being bestowed upon Athanas.

Advancement of Siglerism

The main goal of the Pope, is the advancement of Siglerism. Similar to the major religions of the world – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, IslamSiglerism is led by the charismatic author Scott Sigler. However, every good leader has an amazing supporting cast that major initiatives are delegated to. In the case of the prolific author, Scott Sigler, these initiatives for the advancement of Siglerism are delegated to Pope Siglericus XXX and General Siglerisimo, depending on the task that needs to be done.

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