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*[[Gredok the Splithead]] - Underworld Boss ([[Shamakath]]) and owner of the [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Gredok the Splithead]] - Underworld Boss ([[Shamakath]]) and owner of the [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Hokor the Hook-Chest]] - Head Coach of the [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Hokor the Hook-Chest]] - Head Coach of the [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Virack the Mean]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Virak the Mean]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Shayat the Thick]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Shayat the Thick]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Choto the Bright]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]
*[[Choto the Bright]] - Linebacker, [[Ionath Krakens]]

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Rendering of the Quyth species by fan artist Greg Polyonis
The Quyth are one of the major species of The Rookie Universe.

Quyth Physiology

All Quyth have two sets of limbs, an upper and a lower, ending in three-clawed appendages. These arms are what allow the Quyth to roll during a football game. They have a set of antennae on top of their heads, as well as a single eye over a vertical mouth-slit. The eye, (usually blue tinted & clear) consists of hundreds of disks in a tight geometrical pattern. Set on either side of the mouth are two pedipalps. Quyth are also known to have pink blood in comparison to the red blood of humans.

The Quyth are the only species in the known galaxy to possess a complete immunity to radiation. It is this immunity that have allowed the Quyth to achieve prominence: The Quyth are able to inhabit worlds with levels of radiation that would destroy many other species.

The Quyth are also unique amongst the other races of The Rookie Universe in that they have been been divided into three subspecies: Leader, Warrior and Worker. These subspecies, though they share much basic physiology, each have characteristics that differentiate them.


It has been said that the Quyth eye is a window into the soul. This is because Quyth emotions are clearly visible through the color of their single eye. Intensity of the color of the eye also corresponds to the intensity of the emotion. Warriors and Workers generally lack the ability to control their emotions and suppress the eye color changes associated with them. Leaders, on the other hand, have mastered the ability to hide or alter their eye color in order to best suit their needs. Quyth leaders like Gredok the Splithead have been known to suppress their emotion and make their eye show no color, or have forced a different color to be displayed in order to deceive someone as to his true emotional state. The chart below reflects the color which corresponds to the emotion of a Quyth.

Eye Color Emotion
Clear Neutral
Black Anger, Rage
Yellow threads (unmoving) Exhaustion
Yellow Excitement
Pink Fear, Terror
Blue Betrayal
Saturated Blue Fear
Saturated Blue with threads of Green Concern
Light Orange Happiness
Dark Orange Betrayal
Crimson Fear
Light Red Friendship, Appreciation, Respect
Dark Red Surprise
Saturated Dark Red Hate
Green Stress, Anxiety, Insulted, Suspicion
Purple Sadness, Pained Confusion, Anguish
Mauve Disappointment, Melancholy
Light Green Modesty
Blue-Green Relief
Dark Green Embarassment
Blue-Violet Disgust
Red-Violet Frustration, Annoyance
Red Amusement
Red-Orange Shame
Peach Pity

It is important to note that the intensity of the emotion causes the color to become more intense as well.

Caste System


A Quyth leader stands roughly 3 feet (1 meter) high, and is covered and sleek fur. He has three sets of antennae which can move reflexively, or autonomically. He stands on its rearmost pair of legs (no leader would ever lower himself to walk on all fours, though they are physically capable of doing so). The pedipalps are slender and approximately 2 feet long, and quite dexterous - they are used in much the same way that humans use arms and hands. His eye is softball-sized (approx 4 inches in diameter), and changes color to reflect his emotional state, though leaders can control this to varying degrees.


Rather than the fur of a leader, a Quyth warrior's body is covered in a hard carapace. This carapace is mostly red, with varying patterns in different shades. These markings are used to identify warrior groups, and are rarely covered by clothing (warriors tend to wear gray, unadorned trousers). they have a single, retractable set of antennae. Their pedipalps are roughly 3 feet long, much more heavily muscled than a leader's, and are also covered in an armored carapace. Their eyes are baseball-sized (approx 3 inches in diameter). The eye is hooded with a leathery, protective eyelid.


Quyth Workers are not yet well described in The Rookie universe. They are perceived as being similar to Quyth leaders in anatomy except for longer and more muscular pedipalps and are slightly larger, averaging about 4' in height, and very, very obedient to every sentient perceived as superior. They are, however, described as having an onion-like smell. Their eyes are smaller than a Leader's or Warrior's.

Retro-gen Formula

It is interesting to note that all Quyth actually start life in the forms of Quyth Leaders. That is to say, that Quyth leaders are the natural form of the species. Rigorous testing begins with all Quyth males at an early age to determine what societal caste the Quyth belongs. If the Quyth tests high enough he will become a Quyth Leader. Below a certain level, and the Quyth is given a retro-gen which alters the Quyth's DNA and the potential Quyth leader is altered into a Quyth Warrior. Likewise, while it is not confirmed yet in the Siglerverse, it is suspected that an even lower scoring during the testing would result in a different formula which would create a Quyth Worker.

Combined with this genetic manipulation, newly altered Quyth Warriors and Workers undergo extensive conditioning which force them to obey the directions of Quyth Leaders. Warriors are a particularly interesting case in this regard as many warriors were actually on the cusp of being Quyth Leaders. These Warriors are commonly given what human militaries call non-commissioned officer positions as they are "just disobedient enough" to make snap decisions in the field.


To date, no Quyth females have been seen in The Rookie Universe.

Quyth Culture & History


Examples of the Quyth native language are seen in the beginning of The Rookie. Hokor the Hookchest makes several exclamations while watching Quentin Barnes play for the first time in the PNFL. Those Quyth exclamations and their loose English translations are as follows:

Quyth Phrase Loose Translation
Hikkir "Oh my"
Hikkirapt "That's quite impressive"
Joro jirri "You've got to be kidding me"
Birily The boss of a Quyth criminal syndicate.
Yakochat An epithet indicating a worthless individual.
Shamakath A Quyth title referring to the head of a group or organization, to which others in the group or organization pledge undying fealty.

Positions Held in The GFL

Quyth Warriors - Linebacker

Because of their intelligence and natural affinity for positions of command, Quyth Leaders often find places in teams as both owners and coaches.

Notable Quyth Characters

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