Rama Beast

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The Rama Beast is a quadrupedal predator native to The Reef. Black, with a light-absorbent, crystalline hide, they are nearly invisible at night. Ramas can throw "shards" at prey, incapacitating or even killing from a distance of 10 to 30 meters.


From "THE REEF," a GFL novella:

She - if it was a she - resembled a wolf, in a strange sort of way. A wolf made of moving black stone, or perhaps flowing dark iron. Huge paws with hooked talons so strong they punched through solid slate. Black teeth that looked like they could slice through steel.
Probably three meters long from snout to rear, and thick.
Three hundred kilos if it was a gram.

Notable Rama Beasts

"Dottie" is a well-known rama that has been trained to eat the enemies of Oeming Valenti. While a wild animal,. Oeming has conditioned Dottie by changing his enemies to an anchor drilled deep into the slate of the open plains.