Rebecca Montagne

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Rebecca "Becca the Wrecka" Montagne is a character in Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League series.

Character Background

Life on Earth

A HeavyG woman, Montagne was born in Wisconsin. She was an athletic prodigy from an early age, dominating as a quarterback in her one year of T4 football at the University of Wisconsin. She did not graduate, opting instead to leave the university after her freshman season to join the GFL. She signed with the Green Bay Packers of the Tier Three NFL league.

Life in Football

Tier IV

At 16 years old, Becca enrolled at the University of Wisconsin. She immediately became the starting quarterback. In that year, she led the Badgers to a semi-final appearance in the NCAA Gridiron Tournament, where her team was defeated 28-26 by the eventual champion Peking University.

Tier III

At 17 years old, Montagne signed with the Green Bay Packers. She played three seasons for the Packers, from 2680 to 2682. In 2681 she became the starting quarterback. In 2682, she led the team to a Super Bowl win and the NFL title.

Tier I

At 19 years old, Montange signed with the Ionath Krakens in Tier One, but as a fullback rather than as a quarterback. Montagne's strength, speed and hard-hitting nature made her an ideal blocking back for the Krakens.



Outward Appearance

Becca is 6-6, 330 pounds. She has long, heavy, straight black hair that she usually wears in a tight ponytail.


Montagne is known for her bright disposition off the field, and her relentless intensity on it. She prides herself on being the first one to practice and the last one to leave.

First Apperance

And then number 38, the final rookie, walked down the ramp.
Quentin looked at her, already feeling animosity. But that was silly — she was here for a reason and that reason didn’t conflict with Quentin’s goals. Rebecca Montagne, also known as Becca the Wrecka. Six-foot-six, three hundred and thirty pounds of muscle. She wore her long, black hair tied back in a tight ponytail. Big, solid, athletic, and yet still clearly feminine — a strange combination.
Excerpt From The Starter: Galactic Football League Volume 2

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