Screening Process

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The screening process is a compulsory, multiple day event for any new GFL player transferring from Tier 3 to Tier 2, which takes place at The Combine. If one fails, one can try testing again the next season, but one must go through the whole selection process again. Talking about the selection process is strictly prohibited and is punishment by being kicked out of the GFL. Rumor has it that people who talk about the inner workings of The Combine might somehow "disappear".

The tests the players must undergo:

  • Purity test: bio samples of skin, blood, muscle and bone are taken. Using these the Creterakian can determine if the subject has any illegal bio-mechanical implants, Cybernetics , has taken biotech drugs and/or stimulants. These things are outlawed by the Creterakian out of fear of rebellion from the conquered races.
  • Simulation: a simulation is run to determine if the participant has any unnatural strength or reflexes. These simulations are tailored to the psychological profile of the tested person, and are designed to push a person to the absolute extreme of ones abilities, with the sole purpose of determining whether the tested person has any illegal implants.
  • Physical Examination: completed by the team-doctor of the team where the player is destined to play in the coming season.