Shayat the Thick

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Shayat the Thick is a Quyth Warrior in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Shayat is the secondary middle linebackers for the Krakens right behind John Tweedy. Because Tweedy seldom comes out of the game Shayat seldom gets playing time.

Physical Attributes

Shayat has the general characteristics of a Quyth Warrior though he is described as being exceptionally big, even for a Quyth warrior Linebacker in the GFL.

Drug Smuggler

With the immunity granted GFL players, Shayat has become quite adept at smuggling drugs into and out of Ionath. His contacts allow him to obtain a variety of Drugs from Juniper Berries (a Favorite narcotic of Quyth Workers), Sleepy, Heroine, and other narcotics for varying species. Because Bags which are carried by GFL players cannot be subject to search, and to do so would result in the loss of GFL franchise rights, Shayat has been able to amke quite a bit of money on the side.

On several occasions he has been known to ask fellow players to help in his smuggling efforts for a cut of the action. On one such occasion, Quentin Barnes used Shayat's connections to earn enough money to pay off fellow Kraken Donald Pine's Considerable Gambling debts which were in excess of 4 million Credits.

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