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Shonda Bible
Book(s) The Crypt
Introduced Book 1: Ep. 17
Gender Female
Age unknown
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name No
Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Marines
of Service
Rank Sergeant
Assignment PUV James Keeling
Stationed n/a
Battles/Wars Battle of PUV Silverthorn
Awards Medal of Honor/Valor
Injuries Missing ring & pinky fingers on her right hand.

Shonda 'Peace Sign' Bible is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in Book 1 episode 17 of the serialized podcast.

Character Background

Sgt. Bible is a Planetary Union Marine trained in operating Armored Mechs in battle. She was, at one time, married with children, however during an evaluation session with Navy Psychologist Dr Chance Meadows, it is revealed that they have all died. It is unclear how her husband died, however at his funeral a Purist Nation suicide bomber set off a C-4 explosive that injured her and killed her two young daughters. After their deaths she forwent her morning period to return to service with her Marine unit. She also told her superiors that she wanted to die but she didn't want to kill herself. She is currently requesting a place on the PUV James Keeling as the ship is known to have an 80% mortality rate and would therefore give her a good chance to fulfill her wish to die.


Outward Appearance

Sparse details about Shonda's appearance are available, however the most striking detail of her appearance is the fact that she is missing the ring and pinky fingers on her right hand. This was the result of a battle injury incurred at the Battle of the PUV Silverthorn. This injury is also the reason she recieved the nickname "Peace Sign" as it left her with only her pointer finger, middle finger and thumb on her right hand.


Sgt.Bible is extremely emotionally scarred over the loss of her husband, Chief Warrant Officer Steven Nelson, and her two children Shondralla and Aramina.


Sgt. Bible possess training and experience to use a MV-6T Powered Armored Mech, also known as the 'Sexy Beast', as a weapon in battle. She is also an adept warrior trained in small arms.

Co-Authored Character

The character of Shonda 'Peace Sign' Bible was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and Jake Bible.

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