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SiglerFest 2014 Logo, designed by Scott E. Pond

SiglerFest 2014, the fourth SiglerFest, took place October 10 through 11, 2014, at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although official programming was Friday and Saturday, SiglerFest was bookended by some pre-fest frivolity and some post-fest football camaraderie.


The theme of SiglerFest 2014 was Gettin' Siggy With It, a play on the Will Smith Song Gettin' Jiggy Wid It, which had a roof-raising performance by Junkie Jerome Bird at SiglerFest 2013's karaoke.


Thursday, October 9, 2014
Time Activity Location
5:00 PM Junkie Meet n' Greet Brendan's Irish Pub, Main Floor
7:00 PM Dinner Coasta Cantina, Main Floor
~9:45 PM Movie: Dead Son 2: Red vs. Dead or Kite Orleans Century 18, upstairs at The Orleans
11:30 PM End of programming day
Friday, October 10, 2014: Salons B&E, Second Floor
Time Activity Notes
10:00 AM Welcome! Overview, hotel rules, notes on the day. Coffee & tea provided.
10:15 AM Live reading: ALIVE Sigler reads from new year's Del Rey release.
11:30 AM Krakens Roster Discussion Every SiglerFest-goer required to attend.
1:00 PM Lunch (Orleans Food Court) Watch Scott eat as many as four Whoppers!
2:30 PM Siglerism Family Feud Oh, hell yes.
4:30 PM Break/Dinner on your own Be sure to rest your singing voices!
7:00 pm Karaoke in the Orleans Bowling Center You only sing if you want to but must clap for anyone who does! Also, Scott will likely sing with you.
11:00 pm End of Programming Day
Saturday, October 11, 2014: Salons B&E, Second Floor
Time Activity Notes
10:00 AM Morning announcements/updates A has the info! Coffee & tea provided.
10:15 AM Live reading: Hippo Scott's new story from V-Wars. (It's pretty gross, y'all.)
11:15 AM Break
11:30 AM Sigler Online Community GoodReads, G+, Facebook oh my!
12:30 PM Lunch Orleans Food Court
2:00 PM Impending DØM What's cooking at Empty Set (plus open Q & A)
3:00 PM Sigler Jeopardy The triumphant return!
4:45 PM Orangeslaught Group Photo! Go Krakens!
5:15 PM Break
6:00 PM Bowling with the FDØ (and pizza party!) DØM buys your bowling, shoe rental, pizza & pop.
9:00 PM End of programming day
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Time Activity Location
10:00 AM Football watching Brendan's Irish Pub, Main Floor
12:00 PM SiglerFest 2K14 ends


As with every SiglerFest, each registered attendee received some swag. Early arrivers were able to pick up their goodie bags during the Thursday meet-and-greet, while anyone unable to attend obtained theirs during programming.


Official SiglerFest 2014 T-Shirt, designed by Scott E. Pond
Official SiglerFest 2014 T-Shirt, designed by Scott E. Pond



In addition, registered attendees received:

  • A box of Reeses Pieces
  • A length of beads to wear

Notable Events

  • During Saturday's Lunch, Junkie Nelson McClintock created the Facebook group Sigler Junkies to help provide a social outlet independent of the Scott Sigler website.
  • First Siglerism Family Feud (Junkie Feud)
  • First appearance by Scott Sigler's cousin, Randy Balls

Thursday Night Activity

Once again, early arrivers met at Brendan's Irish pub for drinks, to reunite with previous 'Festers and to hang out with A Kovacs and Scott Sigler. Dinner was hosted by DØM at Coasta Cantina Express. After dinner, many junkies went to the screening of [Need Movie] to round out the pre-Fest goings-on.

Friday Programming

Friday morning's programming kicked off with Sigler reading from the forthcoming new novel in the Del Rey book deal, Alive.

Secret Event

Though the 11:30 AM agenda item was labeled as Krakens Roster Discussion, the real purpose of the time slot was to honor two junkies who were retiring from the military. OJs and Secret Agents Chris Grall and JP Harvey were honored by all attendees. Scott and A presented the honored retirees with their very own white Krakens retirement jerseys, echoing the retirement tradition of the Ionath Krakens.
Also during the time slot, the year's cake was revealed: A rendition of the Ionath Krakens' football field.

After lunch, the festivities resumed with the brand-new game, Siglerism Family Feud, prepared by BigJohn Vizcarra.

After breaking for dinner, everyone assembled for Karaoke.

Saturday Programming

Saturday's programming began with Sigler reading part of his new short story, The Hippo. After concluding and a short break, junkies returned with the chant of WHOLE DAMN HIPPO!, convincing Sigler to read the remainder of the story.

Following the reading, Scott took some time to discuss his representation on social media. He lamented the state of the official forums: wrought with spam and under-utilized in the wake of Facebook. However, he and A could not find the time to manage that kind of solution. Scott hinted that a junkie-run solution would allow him to participate but not be responsible for its content.

During lunch, junkie Nelson McClintock created a group on Facebook called Sigler Junkies and began sending invitations to join to SiglerFest attendees. A public announcement was made upon returning from lunch, and the first wave of junkies was added to the group.

Scott and A held their annual Q&A session coupled with "Impending DØM," where they outlined some of the forthcoming activity expected from Dark Øverlord Media in the upcoming months. The next event was the Orangeslaught and BlackOut photos. The Orangeslaught is a picture of junkies wearing their Ionath Krakens away jerseys, which are colored orange. The BlackOut photo is a photo of junkies wearing the Krakens home colors, black.

After pictures, everyone retreated for a break prior to meeting up at the onsite bowling alley for the bowling celebration. As expected, Scott wasn't feeling well so he stayed in his hotel room leaving his cousin Francis Dominic Olivieri to bowl in his stead.

Sunday Football

On Sunday morning, junkies gathered in Brendan's to watch their favorite football teams prior to saying their goodbyes and beginning their journeys home.

Cake Theme

Junkie Stephanie Harvey once again worked with Las Vegas Custom Cakes to create a cake resembling the Ionath Krakens' home field from the Galactic Football League series.

The SiglerFest 2014 Cake, designed by Las Vegas Custom Cakes.

Live Readings

Sigler did two live readings during the Fest. He read from his upcoming Del Rey release, Alive, as well as the recently-published story The Hippo, a short story included in the V-Wars: Blood & Fire anthology.