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This is a list of the stories created by Scott Sigler and a recommended order for reading them.

It is generally accepted and known that the Modern Universe and the GFL Universe are collectively “The Siglerverse” and all stories contained in those groupings are essentially part of the same timeline. However, because the GFL era is about 500 years or more in the future, I’ve put them together in their own grouping. The Non-Siglerverse stories are typically a bunch of independent short stories, or stories that have not yet been tied in to the canon Siglerverse. It also includes The Generations Trilogy.

Some short stories have been published in multiple anthologies, but for simplicity are included only for their publication in the Sigler-produced anthology. Some known stories have placeholders identified. Things such as known sequels or planned projects are identified, and if known, in the proper order.

This list does not include Scott’s work in gaming modules, such as the ASP Technocracy or Shadows of the City.

The Siglerverse timeline is also represented visually and includes both Modern and GFL era.

Core Modern Siglerverse reading order

(mostly Crown publications. Their audiobooks are available through audiobook retailers and, except where noted).

  1. Infected
  2. Contagious
  3. Ancestor Prequel 1 ( only, Ancestor Episode 1)
  4. Ancestor Prequel 2 ( only, Ancestor Episode 2)
  5. Ancestor Prequel 3 ( only, Ancestor Episode 3)
  6. Ancestor
  7. Nocturnal
  8. Descendant (Not yet published)
  9. Pandemic (not available on
  10. Complex God (Short Story: Robot Uprisings)
  11. Earthcore (Est. pub. 5/29/2017 as audiobook and ebook)
  12. Vacation (Short Story, Joe Ledger: Unstoppable anthology (late 2017))
  13. Mt. Fitzroy (Not yet published)

GFL Siglerverse reading order

By way of a primer, consider listening to the following two introductory podcasts, which may help readers not familiar with the game of American Football. They are certainly not required, and have nothing to do with the GFL story, but they have information about the game itself, which is the ecosystem in which the story germinates.

(Novels available as audiobooks through and audiobook retailers)

  1. Complex God (Short Story: Robot Uprisings)
  2. Passenger (Short Story: Bones are White)
  3. The Crypt Stories (Novella: The Crypt: Book One (
  4. Hero (Short Story: Bones are White,
  5. The Rookie (Novel,
  6. Title Fight (Novella,
  7. The Starter (Novel,
  8. The All-Pro (Novel,
  9. The Rider (Novella,
  10. The Detective (Novella)
  11. The Reporter (Novella,
  12. The MVP (Novel,
  13. The Champion (Novel,
  14. Alive
  15. Alight
  16. Alone


(audiobooks available through and for Blood is Red and Bones are White only. Other anthology stories available through audiobook retailers, but only as a complete anthology). Note that there is no reading order here, except the four series as noted:

Short Stories (not part of a series)

Hunter Hunterson & Sons

  1. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: Welcome to San Francisco (Short Story: Blood is Red)
  2. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: Home (Short Story: Bones are White)
  3. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: The $15 Burger (Short Story: Bones are White,, cast reading on Audible version and at the podcast archive
  4. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: The Case of the Haunted Safeway (Short Story: Games Creatures Play)
  5. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: The Case of the President from Hell
  6. Hunter Hunterson and Sons: The Case of the Rabid Unicorn

Apocalypse Triptych

  1. The Fifth Day of Deer Camp (Short Story: The End is Nigh)
  2. The Sixth Day of Deer Camp (Short Story: The End is Now)
  3. The Seventh Day of Deer Camp (Short Story: The End has Come)



  1. Kissyman & Screamin' Jesse Dupree (Short story, podcast-only, included in Kissyman & The Gentleman)
  2. Kissyman & The Gentleman (Novella,
  3. Kissyman & The Last Song (Short Story: Bones are White,
  4. Kissyman vs. Nocturnals (Short Story: Hardboiled Horror, (October 2017)