Sikka the Death

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Sikka the Death is a character in the novel The Starter by author Scott Sigler. The Starter is the sequel to the previously published novel, The Rookie.

Character Background

Sikka the Death was a Quyth leader who was the owner and founder of the Galactic Football League (GFL) team named Orbiting Death. The Orbiting Death is part of the Quyth Irradiated League in Tier 2, with it's home feild located on Orbital Station One.

Sikka was a successful gangster controlling a crime syndicate on Orbital Station One. His second-in-command was Anna Villani.


Sikka's major accomplishment was building his GFL team, the Orbiting Death, into a quality Tier 2 franchise. During his life, the team was always close to reaching Tier 1 but never made it. Sikka was known to take chances on players that other teams wouldn't - discipline cases such as Ju Tweedy or older players like Tarak the Smasher. In remembering Sikka, Tarak the Smasher said, "I know he wasn't a model citizen but it was his money and influence that resulted in the construction of Oribtal Station One's first intergalatic caliber sports facility, Beefeater Gin Stadium ... it became a major cultural unification point for the sentients of OS1."


Sikka met a tragic death when a shuttle crashed into his office, killing him and four other sentients. His second-in-command, Anna Villani assumed control of both the crime syndicate and the Orbiting Death. Officially, Sikka's death was ruled an accident however there is specualtion that his second-in-command, Anna Villani planned the shuttle accident to murder Sikka and gain control of his syndicate and his GFL team.

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