Sky Demolition

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Sky Demolition
Logo SkyDemolition.jpg
Team Colors Multi-Shaded Purple
Planet Orbital Station Two "The Deuce"
System Quyth Concordia
Stadium Demoltition Stadium
Field Color Milky white with blue yard-lines
Team Owner Dimitri "Six Feet" Yedbedov
2682 Record 1-8
2683 Record
2684 Record
2685 Record
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Sky Demolition is a Tier 2 Galactic Football League (GFL) team mentioned within the storyline of the novel The Rookie by author Scott Sigler.

The Ionath Krakens play against the Sky Demolition as well as several other teams within the Quyth Irradiated League.

Demolition Stadium

Demolition stadium is home to the Sky Demolition and is located on Orbital Station Two‎. The stadium itself is significantly smaller than its counterpart on Ionath. With five-hundred rows of seating the stadium is described as a freeze frame of a closing book. The field surface is a pale, milky white with blue yard markers. The surface is Tiralik which is very springy and giving which is very giving and cuts down on injuries. Tiralik's downside is that is stains jerseys badly.

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