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SMOD™ is an acronym for Super-secret Mission of Death and has been trademarked by Scott Sigler.


June 3

The existence of the SMOD™ was first confirmed by Scott Sigler on June 3, 2008 on his blog. He was reluctant to give out any information on the subject. All he would say at that time was that it was taking up all of his time and that his current podcast, Nocturnal, would be delayed because of it. He also stated: "On a sweetness scale of 1 to 10, this SMOD™ is about a 7"

June 6

However, on June 6, he confirmed that it involved a book. Information on whether it is in printed form or not was not yet revealed.

June 25

On June 25, Junkie N8man broke the rumors when he posted a link [1] to the Random House website indicating the release of the new Sigler penned novel named Contagious.

June 30

On June 30 Scott Sigler officially announced the SMOD™ as being the first draft of Contagious.