Somalia Midori

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Somalia Midori is a singer referenced in the novel The Starter and the follow up novel The All-Pro, authored by Scott Sigler.

Character Background

Somalia Midori is the lead singer for the 27th century rock band named Trench Warfare. By 2683, the prolific band had already released 72 recorded songs and many live recordings.

She is taken by Quentin Barnes upon first meeting him backstage in Isis City on the planet Tower after a concert. She initially was impressed by Quentin's admission that he owned all of her songs even though it could cost him his life under Purist law. Eventually, she and Quentin become a couple.


Outward Appearance

Somalia is described as standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and having blue skin. She wore her hair in a purple ancient Earth mohawk hairstyle that flowed down the left side of face and over her shoulder. She is described as being graceful and athletic with sinewy arms and long legs.


Somalia is a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin. She is michievious and enjoys having a good time. She accepts her celebrity status and its annoyances, such as papparazzi and long travel requirements, with ease.

Unlike most women, Somalia enjoyed being taken to a bloodsport event on her second date with Ionath Krakens Quarterback Quentin Barnes. During the off-season in 2684, Quentin received a personal inviation to a Dinolition event on Wilson 6 from the Dinolition league Commissioner, Rachel Guestford. Quentin had heard Somalia and her band Trench Warfare were playing five shows on Wilson 6, so he took the opportunity to invite Somalia to the event. She thoroughly enjoyed the bloodsport.

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