Soupbone the Wonder Pimp

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Scott as Soupbone the Wonder Pimp

Soupbone the Wonder Pimp is an alleged alter-ego of Scott Sigler. He is also known as Brahma Bone, Mr. Lovey Bone, and Phineaus James McBone IV.


2008 Dragon*Con Party poster

He is known for his outlandish pimpish statements and offering booze to all in his vicinity. Soupbone's attire is a prime example of how MastaPimps should dress every day.

In 2007, Soupbone made an appearance at the Dragon*Con 2007 after party known as Scott Sigler's Playas Ball.

In August 2008, Scott Sigler posted a blog post that indicated Soupbone was again throwing a party at Dragon*Con. This event was named Pimps & Hoes II: The Wrath of Bone. In typical Soupbone style, attire for the event was encouraged to be in the vein of a proper pimp, ho, thug, mobster, gangsta, and/or playa.

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