Sparkle Horse

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Sparkle Horse
Sparkle Horse.jpg
Title Sparkle Horse
Publisher Penguin Books
Published TBD
Pages TBD
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Sparkle Horse is a young adult fiction novel that was announced on April 1, 2017 by American author Scott Sigler. The novel will be co-written with popular fiction author James Patterson.


On the 10th anniversary of Sigler Ascension Day, it was announced that Scott Sigler would be collaborating with James Patterson in a new novel named Sparkle Horse. It will be the first novel in a new line of novels being released by Penguin Books and James Patterson aimed at young adults and called Patterson Teen. Scott Sigler will be the first author to collaborate with Patterson on this new line of novels.

The announcement included a short synopsis of Sparkle Horse, indicating that the novel would follow the romantic life of a teenage girl and her magical unicorn.

This new development was only possible because of the amazing response to the Generations Trilogy by Sigler.

Unfortunately this will delay the publishing of the wildly popular Galactic Football League sequels (book VI and VII), as well as the rewrite of EarthCore, EarthCore II: Mt. Fitzroy, The Crypt, and The Crypt II.

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