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Spidey is an ancillary character in the rough draft version of the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode 22 of the podcast version of the novel.

Character Background

Spidey is a member of the San Francisco area cult known as Marie's Children. In episode 22, Spidey (along with First Born, Bonehead and Tricky Dick) have just finished the raid on the Russian safe house. Spidey walks into the room while Bonehead is marking the corpse of a Russian, holding four sawed-off shotguns in each of his four hands, and a fifth in his smaller set of hands. He then proceeds to have and argument with Bonehead, claiming that he had killed the man Bonehead was urinating on.

Spidey is described to look more like a tick than a spider, but is very sensitive about his name.



The character's full name is not known, he is referred to only as Spidey by his colleagues.

Outward Appearance

The author describes him as having a pinched, red face and looks more like a tick than a spider. Spidey has three pairs of arms, two regular sets and a smaller, stunted set. He wears a nasty, moldy blanket like other members of Marie's Children.


In conversation, Spidey is prone to whining and complaining. He complains to First Born that Bonehead took his kill, and again to Clyde the Glide when watching Bonehead being put in a car by Bryan and Pookie. The author says in episode 22 that Spidey is a younger member of Marie's Children; he has the dreams and becomes very excited when he feels The King is close.


Like most members of Marie's Children, Spidey is described as being very fast. He uses four sawed-off, double-barreled shotguns and carries extra shells in a fanny-pack around his waist.

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