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| 59 || || ||  [[On_This_Day/November_14|November 14]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGkRdOi2yOU Caddyshack]
| 59 || || ||  [[On_This_Day/November_14|November 14]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGkRdOi2yOU Caddyshack]
| 60 || [[On_This_Day/February_25|February 25]], 2021 || [https://scottsigler.com/podcast/the-karate-kid/ THE KARATE KID] ||  [[On_This_Day/November_28|November 28]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oel0aAKPnVA The Karate Kid (1984)]
| 60 || [[On_This_Day/February_25|February 25]], 2021 || [https://scottsigler.com/podcast/the-karate-kid/ THE KARATE KID] ||  [[On_This_Day/November_28|November 28]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oel0aAKPnVA The Karate Kid (1984)] || That’s right, wax it on, wax it off. Scott & A do a deep dive into this sports movie classic, along with the help of Rob Otto, Empty Set Movie Maven, and 16th-place runner-up at the 1991 All Valley Karate Tournament.
| 61 || || ||  [[On_This_Day/December_12|December 12]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CpOX-I2wy4 A Christmas Story]
| 61 || || ||  [[On_This_Day/December_12|December 12]], 2020 || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CpOX-I2wy4 A Christmas Story]

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StorySmack is a podcast produced by Empty Set Entertainment about stories and storytellers in the world of pop culture. It is hosted by Scott Sigler and A Kovacs and often features reviews and discussion about films, but occasionally ventures into discussions of books, television, combat sports and the craft of storytelling.

Episode Podcast Date Podcast Link Live-Stream Date Live-Stream Link Description
1 December 7, 2016 Doctor Strange Scott & ARealGirl get all mystical and chat about Doctor Strange.
2 December 16, 2016 NEW HOPE & FORCE AWAKENS the same flick? We’re off to see ROGUE ONE, and to celebrate, let’s talk Star Wars Smack! Many, many nerds have waxed endlessly how Episode IV: A New Hope (the original 1976 Star Wars flick), and Episode VI, The Force Awakens, are the exact same movie. Professor Sigler and the learned Doctor Kovacs delve deep into this comparison to give you a StorySmack diagnoses.
3 December 23, 2016 The DIE HARD Christmas Special In this episode, we get into the muck of one of the world’s greatest, most enduring philosophical questions: is DIE HARD a Christmas movie?

We also cover a shit-ton of tidbits, trivia and facts about this enduring classic, including:

  • Who was supposed to play John Mclane?
  • Is this a sequel to a Sinatra flick?
  • The book (yes, book this movie is based on).
  • Which member of this cast served hard time?
  • Which famous lion tamers were cast as bad guys?
  • Does anyone in this flick actually sprechen Deutsch?
4 December 30, 2016 FOUR ROOMS & New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year from the Future Dark Øverlord and the Director of Døøm! And, yes, the Dog of Døøm as well. To celebrate the incoming wonders that 2017 brings, we review the quirky New Year’s Eve anthology comedy known as FOUR ROOMS. Join us for a discussion of Tim Roth‘s masterful physical performance that ties together a shit-show of short films by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Allison Anders and Alexandre Rockwell.
5 January 7, 2017 Galaxy Quest! If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest in all this time since 1999, let’s just say you’re missing out. Or, more correctly, if you’re a fan of this ‘cast, or scifi, or nerdom and you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest … you’re totally missing out. Just trust us, see it.
6 January 13, 2017 Friday the 13th (the original!)
7 January 20, 2017 Hollywood lessons learned from 2016 box office
8 January 27, 2017 RESIDENT EVIL is worth one beeelion dollars.
9 February 3, 2017 2016’s Most Expensive Movies
10 February 11, 2017 JOHN WICK & the danger of killing random dogs
11 February 17, 2017 WAYNE’S WORLD 25th Anniversary
12 March 7, 2017 LETHAL WEAPON 30th Anniversary
13 March 11, 2017 GLADIATOR 17th Anniversary
14 March 27, 2017 European Tour & how travel impacts storytelling
15 April 7, 2017 Murder 1-2-3: courtroom definitions in storytelling
16 April 20, 2017 HALF-BAKED: 4/20 Special Episode
17 April 28, 2017 ALIENS: Scott’s favorite movie of all time
18 May 6, 2017 The Fifth Element • 20th Anniversary Review
19 May 13, 2017 [https://scottsigler.com/podcast/snatch/ SNATCH (with special guests: the FDØ’s nephews)
20 June 23, 2017 PREDATOR 30th Anniversary
21 July 10, 2017 MAD MEN First Episode 10th Anniversary
22 August 1, 2017 Shallow Grave & guest, author Rob Reid
23 August 4, 2017 LAST OF THE MOHICANS: 25th Anniversary
24 September 8, 2017 Magic & Mullets: WARLOCK
25 September 15, 2017 SUPERBAD came out a decade ago (yes, feel old)
26 September 22, 2017 Upcoming movies & other hilarity
27 September 29, 2017 Jerry Before Seinfeld
28 October 13, 2017 The Big Lebowski, recorded live at SiglerFest2k17
29 October 27, 2017 Chinatown — the perfect screenplay?
30 November 17, 2017 STARSHIP TROOPERS 20th Anniversary
31 December 12, 2017 Good Will Hunting 20th Anniversary
32 December 29, 2017 John Williams
33 January 17, 2018 Pierce Brown live interview for IRON GOLD
34 March 10, 2018 Han’s rescue — what, exactly, was the plan?
35 April 27, 2018 SiglerFest2k18 — the ins and outs of a fan festival
37 June 22, 2018 Evan Diamond
38 September 27, 2018 RUSH HOUR Twentieth Anniversary
39 October 1, 2018 BLUE BALLS, a Very Special Episode …
40 October 17, 2018 TREMORS, A Horror/Comedy Classic
41 October 23, 2018 Fan festivals for creators – a SiglerFest2k18 recap
42 November 9, 2018 BODIED Hollywood Premier
43 January 23, 2019 SpiderMan: Into the Spiderverse
44 February 6, 2019 The Storytelling Drama of Combat Sports “But fights aren’t stories,” you say? WRONG-O, FISH-BREATH! Companies like the UFC are exceptional storytellers, creating tales with live performers and unwritten endings. A discusses her initial dismissal and disdain for combat sports, and how she’s come to change her mind. Scott talks about how getting punch in the mouth can lead one to discovering proper, civilized behavior. They both use UFC Fight Night 143 to discuss how these real-life storylines play out, with all the drama, violence, sacrifice and the built-in “Hero’s Journey” path.
45 February 2, 2019 Groundhog Day Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day? Are we in a time loop? Scott and A become gods (but not the god) as they discuss this 1993 classic, and the hordes of rodent-like movies “inspired” by it.
46 February 14, 2019 My Bloody Valentine Scott & A sat down this week to watch this 1981 horror … classic. It comes out pretty early on in the 80s slasher heyday, and it’s full of all that goodness: goofy plot devices, loads of teenagers sinnin’, plenty of gore and lots and lots of violence. All with great set design, some solid bloody prop work, and the world’s best dog actor.
47 March 22, 2019 GFL VI pre-order info! This ‘cast has all kinds of info for you so you can prepare. This podcast will answer most of your question. Yes, you! These are the most common questions we get with regard to the GFL pre-order.
48 April 17, 2020 Pulp Fiction 25th Anniversary It’s (almost) the 25th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s classic movie. We break the film down and talk about its many iconic elements. Joining us this episode is long-time Sigler fan Aaron Singerman, the CEO of RedCon1, and fitness blogger Arielle Singerman. Aaron talks about his own struggles with addiction, and how Scott’s podcast was one element of his recovery.
49 March 24, 2020 2012 – A Disaster(ous) Movie Solar flares! Super neutrinos! Mega volcanoes! Fault lines chasing John Cusack! The core of the planet getting all hot and bothered! We take a deep-dive into the disaster(ous) movie “2012.” Joining Scott and ARealGirl is none other than Dr. Phil Plait, a.k.a. “The Bad Astronomer.”
50 April 8, 2020 ALIEN Director’s Cut Clearly, we took too long getting this episode out, but enjoy! In space, no one can hear you scream — but good thing we’ve got this nice pressurized starship, so we can hear you scream all dang day long! Scott & A discuss the documentary “Memory: The Origins of ALIEN” as well as the bizzaro ALIEN Director’s Cut.
51 May 6, 2020 THE PLATFORM Scott and A break down this wild Spanish scifi/horror flick directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It’s a brutal flick, with a concept that makes the small budget look much bigger. It’s on Netflix, so watch it before you listen!
52 December 9, 2020 THE GAMERS: DORKNESS RISING July 26, 2020 THE GAMERS: DORKNESS RISING Scott and A dive into this wonderful indie comedy. It’s about nerds and roleplaying games — it us! The feature-length flick alternates between roleplayers and their characters within the game’s setting. If you ever D’ed the D, you might dig it.
53 August 12, 2020 THE VAST OF NIGHT Scott and A chat about this killer indie flick directed by Andrew Patterson. It's available on Amazon Prime.
54 November 13, 2020 SPACEBALLS August 29, 2020 SPACEBALLS Scott and A discuss this 1987 parody/comedy/classic. Join us and get your Schwarz on!
55 December 5, 2020 42 September 12, 2020 42 Scott and A discuss the Chadwick Boseman / Harrison Ford movie “42,” the story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the modern era of the Major Leagues. Robinson’s accomplishments were a huge influence on Scott’s scifi series, the Galactic Football League.
56 September 26, 2020 THE GAMERS: HANDS OF FATE
57 December 16, 2020 THE FRENCH CONNECTION October 17, 2020 THE FRENCH CONNECTION Scott & ARealGirl break down this tour de force from legend Gene Hackman, who won an Oscar for Best Actor in this 1972 classic. The movie won five Oscars in total and reinvented the cinematic car chase.
58 December 28, 2020 THE SHINING October 31, 2020 The Shining At Halloween, on the 40th anniversary of this legendary horror film, Scott, ARealGirl, and Rob Otto break down THE SHINING.

Iconic, enduring, and still influencing pop culture to this day, Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of the Stephen King bestseller features the amazing cast of Shelly Duvall, Scatman Crothers, and Jack Nicholson. Four decades on, how does this flick hold up? Join this erstwhile trio of vacationers as we visit the Overlook and find out.

59 November 14, 2020 Caddyshack
60 February 25, 2021 THE KARATE KID November 28, 2020 The Karate Kid (1984) That’s right, wax it on, wax it off. Scott & A do a deep dive into this sports movie classic, along with the help of Rob Otto, Empty Set Movie Maven, and 16th-place runner-up at the 1991 All Valley Karate Tournament.
61 December 12, 2020 A Christmas Story
62 January 9, 2021 Point Break
63 January 23, 2021 Executive Decision
64 February 6, 2021 Swingers
65 February 20, 2021 Big Trouble in Little China
66 March 6, 2021 From Dusk Till Dawn