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Additonal items to add:

Mike King The Mora I think is in the Champion. Listen to episode 23 at 26:18. It is a stretch but the vocal inflection is similar.

Petra is a fan of Harry Potter. Evidenced by:

  • Her creations, the Prawatt, play The Game, which is a ground-based version of Quidditch.
  • One of her Prawatt is named Weasley
  • In Complex God, she wears a Gryffindor scarf. "The wind tugged lightly at her yellow-and-red striped scarf..." (Complex God, Robot Uprisings, p. 4)
  • The basic form of 2000 minids is called a "Chocolate Frog" by Petra.
  • When briefing the Governor of Michigan, Petra's assistant, Roger, mentions, "Didn't you notice Petra's scarf?" and "You ever read the Harry Potter series?" and "She was a kid when those books came out. So was I. A chocolate frog is a little thing from the books. You might want to read up, Governor - much of Petra's nomenclature for this project is taken from elements in the series." and "She makes the frogs play Quidditch."

(description of her from Ancestor chapter 3.)

Fishbone references to U-G-L-Y in The Rider and The Champion

MVP pg ? John arrogantly says, "They can't touch me. GFL Immunity." This is reminiscent of the bad guy in Lethal Weapon who attempts to hide behind his diplomatic immunity.

In the Champion, pg 16, John says "Even Messal knows sense from shinola," (implying that Quentin did not). This is in reference to the phrase "not know shit from shinola".

Daryl Delancey: "Too old for this shit" also twice in Pandemic.

From THE ROOKIE Hardcover Insert: Porrel the Questioning: "Quentin, a lot of Krakens fans are nervous about someone of your religious background joining the team. It would help for them to connect if they knew what you think is important in life."

Quentin Barnes: "To crush the other team, see them driven down the field before you, and to hear the lamentation of their fans." - reference to (Conan the Barbarian)

From THE RIDER: “Pete shook his head. “There’s no giggling in Dinolition,” he said quietly...” (Rider, p. 126). Reference to A League of Their Own

From THE CRYPT: (Sherry Hare) found one in The Crypt! Podcast #25 minute 19 - there is someone being tortured by a machine delivering shocks and the woman delivering the shocks is talking about the range and said "you'll be happy to know, this one goes to 11."

Nicole Clark: Reading the Starter for the first time and Barnes has just met Frederico and. Is arguing with Tweedy about it. Tweedy calls Quentin a primitive screwhead - that’s gotta be an Ash (Evil Dead) easter egg? BigJohn: In the Crypt, Mikey Kay is referred to as a "primitive screwhead."

Mike Jandt: Hokor's famous quote -

Bobby Morin: A Reagan quote from THE MVP: "The highly intelligent and also quite modest Mum-O says if it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with." (by Shizzle, interpreter for Mum-O-Killowe. Reference to the 1969 quote from Ronald Reagan regarding protesters on the UC Berkeley campus: "If it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with."

BigJohn: Kayla Meyer's death is reminiscent of Muldoon's in Jurassic Park. Her last moments play out almost exactly as his do. Reference: Earthcore, Right before 10:26am; youtube:

BigJohn: Hunter Hunterson & Sons, War Journal Volume 1 mentions a "Class 3 vapor" (e-book p. 8), which is part of the CDI System of supernatural classification from the Ghostbusters franchise.

BigJohn: Hunter Hunterson & Sons, War Journal Volume 1 (San Francisco Fairy) has a scene about magi projecting the house that is reminiscent of this scene from Raiders of the Lost ark: “The doors were sealed by some of the best magi in the Northern Hemisphere.” “Magi?” I said. “Which magi?” Yngve looked at me. “Top magi, Mister Hunterson.”

BigJohn: "Check out the big brain on Brad." (MFR, Pulp Fiction)

BigJohn: "you wouldn't like him when he's angry." (MFR, Hulk)

Mike King: "I know you' Not that there's anything wrong with that." (TAP/DETECTIVE, Seinfeld)


Josh Athanas: "Very good...but cans cannot hit back." (TITLE FIGHT, Round 7 (p.158?), Enter the Dragon)