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|The [[Birthday Children]] defend their home against the [[Abernessia]].
|The [[Birthday Children]] defend their home against the [[Abernessia]].
|- {{{1}}}

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Year Book Description
2008 Infected CIA Deputy Director Murray Longworth assembles a team to investigate a series of strange murder/suicides involving bodies that start dissolving within hours of death.
2015 EarthCore Sonny McGuiness finds evidence of a huge platinum deposit in the Wah Wah Mountains. The EarthCore Mining Company mounts an ill-fated expedition to mine the deposit.
2345-2681 The Galactic Timeline Comprehensive timeline chronicling the major historical events of the era prior to The Rookie
2682 The Rookie First year of upper tier football for Quentin Barnes.
2683 The Starter Following the Ionath Krakens' first year in Tier One football.
2684 The All-Pro Following the Ionath Krakens' second year in Tier One football.
2685 The MVP Following the Ionath Krakens' third year in Tier One football.
2686 The Champion Following the Ionath Krakens' fourth year in Tier One football.
3887 Alive The Birthday Children awaken on Xolotl.
3887 Alight The Birthday Children make a home on Omeyocan.
3888 Alone The Birthday Children defend their home against the Abernessia.
Year Book Description

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