The Detective

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The Detective
Title The Detective
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published 2012
Pages 290
ISBN 978-0-9831963-9-6
Podcasted 8/4/2019 - Current
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The Detective is a novella co-authored by author Matt Wallace and Scott Sigler. This novella is a spinoff of the character Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga, introduced in The Starter.


GFL star Quentin Barnes is an orphan born into a culture that prizes family connections above all. He spent his youth struggling with poverty. When he signed his deal with the Ionath Krakens and became rich, one of the first things he did was hire a private detective to find out if his family is still alive.

The Detective is the story of that search, as seen through the eyes of Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga — a.k.a. “Fred,” a master of disguise and a truly dangerous human. But Fred’s past is just as big a mystery as is the whereabouts of Quentin’s family. This gritty scifi/noir novel follows the tradition of ALTERED CARBON and BLADE RUNNER, giving you an anti-hero that won’t stop until the job is done.

THE DETECTIVE runs from roughly Week Seven of the 2683 regular season in The Starter (GFL Book II) through Week Ten of the 2684 regular season in The All-Pro (GFL Book III).



The Detective is told in seven books and takes place over the course of a year. Occasionally, the story elements weave directly back into scenes from The All-Pro, showing the same scene from a different perspective.

Overlapping Scenes

Detective Chapter The All-Pro Chapter Description
Quentin (Book III, Ch. 17) August 2683 (Ch. 2) Frederico flies to Wilson 6 to meet with Quentin Barnes. Fred wears a disguise as a nannite machine repairman, and meets Quentin at Smithwick's stadium during a Dinolition match.
Cillian (Book 7, Ch. 27) Week Eight: Bye (Ch. 18) Frederico has a holotank-call with Quentin Barnes, during which Quentin releases Fred from his obligation to locate Quentin's father. Gredok the Splithead has apparently already located Cillian Carbonaro and reunited the family members.
Torba (Book 7, Ch. 28) Week Ten: To Pirates at Ionath Krakens (Ch. 20) Frederico surprises Gredok and Quentin by presenting his sister, Jeanine Carbanaro.

Book I: The Mines of MICOVI

Frederico is undercover as Caleb Cole, a miner working for the Rhingold Incorporation mines on MICOVI. Fred is surreptitiously interrogating miners to find out information about Quentin Barnes' family. Having obtained as much information as he thinks he will get, he plans to leave the mine, but is confronted by Carny, a fellow miner who showed Caleb how to properly wield the tools of the mining trade. Carny properly deduces Caleb's imminent departure, and hopes for a quick fling before Caleb leaves, but Caleb firmly turns Carny down.

Fred has nightmare flashbacks of a time when a craft he was flying for the Purist Nation military was shot down and crashed. The sole survivor, Fred panicked when he heard someone approaching the wreckage. Setting upon them immediately, Fred quickly kills the intruder, discovering too late that the person was merely a scavenger, and not an enemy combatant. During his recounting of the nightmare, fred converses with The Loa, an imaginary character Fred has created to accompany him in his nightmares as a way to constantly remind him he is only dreaming.

Book II: Grim Tyrant Valley

Book III: Wilson 6

Book IV: Jupiter


Book VI: Ionath

Book VII: 2684 Season, Week Six

Main Characters

Name Information
Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga Private Investigator
Carney Rhingold Corporation miner on MICOVI
Sam "Mister Sam" Sargsyan Purist nation BBQ Restaurant Franchise owner

Release Schedule

Digital editions

Cover Art Edition Country Release Date
eBook United States October 22, 2012
Audiobook United States December 29, 2015
Podcast United States August 4, 2019

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