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The Reef is a collection of planets on the galaxy's edge. This location is mentioned in Scott Sigler's novel The All-Pro and again in the epilogue of the novella Title Fight


There has been only brief descriptions of The Reef in Sigler's works. In The All-Pro, The Reef is described by Trench Warfare singer, Somalia Midori, as a huge artifact on the galaxy's edge. She compared The Reef to the size of four or five planets combined. Having played a gig there for Mary Garrett, Somalia indicated that it would take 24 punches, or three weeks, in order to travel one way to The Reef.

In the novella Title Fight, former Galactic Fighting Association fighter Chiyal North is smuggled to The Reef by Doc Patah in an effort to save his life.


The Reef is a lengthened, tapered capsule, described by the locals as "looking like a giant turd." Length: 1,714km Width at center: 285km Surface area: 2,770,000,000,000 m2 End radius: 257000 m Side length = 1,200,000 m Volume = 3.2E+17 m3 Circumfrence = 1,610,000 m


The Reef has a solid core of an unknown material and unknown density. All efforts to extract a sample of this core have failed — it appears to be the hardest substance in the known universe.


The Reef's gravity is 81% that of the Earth's.


The Reef has represention in the Dinolition league with the team from the Outer Reaches Reef Stompers.

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