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*[[The All-Pro]]
*[[The All-Pro]]
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The Reporter
Title The Reporter
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published 2012
Pages 244
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The Reporter is a thriller / science fiction novella by American author Scott Sigler that is currently scheduled to be released in 2012. This novel is a spinoff to a character introduced in The Starter and played a larger role in The All-Pro.


The Reporter follows Yolanda Davenport, a reporter for Galaxy Sports Magazine, as she searches for the truth about Ju Tweedy's involvement with the murder of Grace McDermott - the incident that drove Ju to join the Ionath Krakens. The Reporter takes place between week three and week six of the 2684 Galactic Football League season, the season that encompasses The All-Pro.

Main Characters

Name Information
Yolanda Davenport Reporter for Galaxy Sports Magazine

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Yolanda Davenport share two other stories in the realm of The Rookie universe:

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