The Starter: Galactic Football League Volume 2

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The Starter
Title The Starter
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published August 2010
Pages 463
ISBN 978-0615365428
Podcasted Feb 2011 Page

The Starter is a thriller / science fiction novel by American author Scott Sigler. The second book in the Galactic Football League series, The Starter follows The Rookie and then continues with The All-Pro and The MVP.


Last season, 19-year-old rookie quarterback Quentin Barnes overcame his racism and unified his team. Now, he and the Ionath Krakens have to compete against the greatest football teams ever assembled and do far more than just survive each game. As he rebuilds the team in his own image, Quentin truly begins his life-long quest for a Tier One Championship.

This story set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future combines the intense gridiron action of "The Blind Side" with the space opera style of "Star Wars" and the criminal underworld of "The Godfather."

Main Characters

Name Information
Quentin Barnes Quarterback for the Ionath Krakens
Donald Pine Quarterback for the Ionath Krakens Quarterback
Gredok the Splithead Owner of the Ionath Krakens
Hokor the Hook-Chest Head Coach of the Ionath Krakens

Promotional Efforts

Characters Named for Fans

As with recent previous works, this novel contains the names of fans appearing as some of the characters. The luckiest of the fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely and death. The following link references a table dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

Logo Contest

The FDO implored Junkies from far and wide were to use their illustration skills (or tap their friends who had skills) to create the Tier One Team Logos for The Starter. The contest was announced on with the request being to create logos for 18 of the 22 Tier One teams. Each winning entry would be rewarded with a $50USD prize. After intense deliberations between the FDO and A Kovacs, these winners were announced:

Release Schedule


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date ISBN
1st Ed. Hardcover (Dark Øverlord Media) United States August 2010 978-0615365428
TheStarter PB.jpg
1st Ed. Paperback(Dark Øverlord Media) United States August 2012 978-1938120107

Episode Downloads

To promote the release of his self-published novel entitled The Starter, Sigler has released the podcasted audio episodes below.

Date Episode Number Download Link
February 20, 2011 Episode 1 Download
February 25, 2011 Episode 2 Download
February 27, 2011 Episode 3 Download
March 6, 2011 Episode 4 Download
March 13, 2011 Episode 5 Download
March 20, 2011 Episode 6 Download
March 27, 2011 Episode 7 Download
April 3, 2011 Episode 8 Download
April 10, 2011 Episode 9 Download
April 17, 2011 Episode 10 Download
April 24, 2011 Episode 11 Download
May 1, 2011 Episode 12 Download
May 8, 2011 Episode 13 Download
May 15, 2011 Episode 14 Download
May 22, 2011 Episode 15 Download
May 29, 2011 Episode 16 Download
June 5, 2011 Episode 17 Download
June 12, 2011 Episode 18 Download
June 19, 2011 Episode 19 Download
June 26, 2011 Episode 20 Download
July 3, 2011 Episode 21 Download
July 10, 2011 Episode 22 Download
July 17, 2011 Episode 23 Download
July 24, 2011 Episode 24 Download
July 31, 2011 Episode 25 Download
August 7, 2011 Episode 26 Download
August 14, 2011 Episode 27 Download
August 21, 2011 Episode 28 Download
August 28, 2011 Episode 29 Download
September 4, 2011 Episode 30 Download
September 11, 2011 Episode 31 Download
September 18, 2011 Episode 32 Download
September 24, 2011 Episode 33 Download
October 2, 2011 Episode 34 Download
October 9, 2011 Episode 35 Download
October 16, 2011 Episode 36 Download

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