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The Touchback
Serving Gredok the Splithead
Type Achmed-Class
Laid down 2631
Launched 2635
Status In active service
Nickname Formerly the Baghavad-Rodina
Books(s) The Rookie


The Touchback is the team bus for the Galactic Football League team, the Ionath Krakens.


The Touchback is a converted Planetary Union Arhmed-class frigate that was formerly named the Baghavad-Rodina. This class of vessel was a heavy-weapons platform which made it an important component of the famed Blue Fleet. While in service to the Planetary Union, the vessel was taken by Creterakian boarding parties in the battle of 2640, temporarily used as a patrol craft, and mothballed in 2644. It wasn't until 2665, that the vessel was partially disarmed, except for point-defense and anti-fighter weaponry, and sold under special license from the Creterakian empire to team owner Gredok the Splithead. The craft has since been used as the team bus for the Ionath Krakens.

Vessel Attributes

As a team bus, the Touchback has a full array training facilities for the Kraken's use. Not only does it have a full practice field complete with nano-grass, but the Touchback has separate locker-room and living facilities for all the different species.

Training Facilities

The Touchback has also been installed with the Kriegs-Ballok Virtual Practice System. Most often referred to as the VR field, the Kriegs-Ballok Virtual Practice System allows for Quarterbacks and other players to practice in life-like conditions. The users can define variables, like time of day, stadium, opponents, etc. and have a near-game level practice experience. This allows Quarterbacks to run multiple runs against any defense to prepare for games.

Dining Facilities

Dining facilities have been split into Ki and Non-Ki sections with a variety of food for each species and culture. The Ki have been given separate dining facilities due to the their proclivity for eating their prey raw or alive.

Living Quarters

The Touchback has living accomodations for all races within it's hull. Top tier GFL teams include players from multiple species including, but not limited to, Ki, Sklorno, HeavyG, Quyth, and human and as such needs to be able to meet the needs of these sentients while transporting them during the season. In the case of the Krakens, they also need to accommodate the Harrah needs, as their team doctor is of that race.


Greedok has strict rules regarding the interaction of the crew of the Touchback and the Krakens players. Specifically, interaction is prohibited and results in the crew being little known to the players.

The Touchback is piloted by Captain Kate Cheevers. Also aboard the craft, are crew members who take care of maintenance, customs declarations, food and supplies. The ships could also support the administrative staff of Greedok's operations, meaning Greedok could put all of his operations on the Touchback if it became necessary.

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