Trench Warfare

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Trench Warfare is a rock band first referenced in the novel The Rookie and then in each of the following GFL novels by author Scott Sigler.


Trench Warfare is a popular band throughout the galaxy. The band is fronted by lead singer Somalia Midori and plays the 27th Century version of rock music.

In the year 2683, the prolific band had already released 72 recorded songs and many live recordings.

The cover band Trench Mouth made its debut in The MVP.


Somalia Midori - lead singer
The band consists of four members in The Rookie, and five in The Starter.


The band has toured to all parts of the galaxy playing gigs as far away as The Reef.


Combat Bats (from The Starter)
Heart of Steel (from The Starter)
Entreaty to Reason (from The Champion)