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UBS Gameday is a regular sports program in The Rookie and now The Starter Universe.


UBS Gameday is the title of the holocast where the Hosts announce the Play-by-play of Galactic Football League Games. The current hosts use colorful, if at times off-color, commentary to keep viewers interested.


Masara the Observant

Masara plays the "Straight-man" to his partner Chick McGee's more flamboyant commentary. Masara tends to straight analysis, asking questions of Chick to allow the viewer to gain more insight into the events on the field. Masara commonly has to make Chick apologize on the air.

Chick McGee

Known as "the Galaxy's Favorite Commentator" Chick is a sportscaster on UBS Gameday. Chick is known for his highly inappropriate commentary which Masara, his partner on the show, does not appreciate; He also is known to sample alcoholic products during games. Chick is very talented sports caster and it is no wonder that he has earned the title "the Galaxy's Favorite Commentator."

Chick's comments

This section will be used to list off some of Chick's more off-color or funny comments on air during UBS gameday.

  • "I tell ya, that human has been chewed up like a Sklorno larvae during a famine!" - Chick McGee on Quentin Barnes
  • "Otherwise the Krakens have about as much chance as a naked nun at a Purist Nation rapist convention!" - Chick McGee on Krakens' chances against the Sky Demolition
  • "Well grease me up like a well-used Sock monkey, Masara, that's Quentin Barnes at Tail Back!" - Chick McGee on Quentin Barnes playing Tail Back against the Texas Earthlings
  • "Well this makes about a smuch sense a s Sklorno Female walking unclothed into a bedbug convention..."- Chick McGee on the logic of Quentin Barnes playing Tail Back
  • "They do Masara, like the mother of three hot triplets who just realized her jail-bait daughters are well into puberty and drawing the attention of the void-bike gang next door." - Chick McGee on the Texas Earthlings Defense
  • "Look at that guy, he's as wide-eyed-mad as a Brahma Bull getting a three-pound suppository!" - Chick McGee on Quentin Barnes
  • "I think the Earthlings are about as done as a three-day-old dog turd Masara!" - Chick McGee on the chances of the Texas Earthlings
  • "Masara, you're as uptight as an anal-retentive accountant." - Chick McGee on his co-host.

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