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James Eager is a dedicated junkie who is known by the user name of Mycroft on the official Scott Sigler website forums.

The Real Life Person

Boy Scouts

  • Arrow of Light
  • Eagle Scout
  • NESA Life Member
  • Woodbadge, used to be a Buffalo…
  • Staff 2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree


  • Championship Rifle Team
  • Qualified Expert using an M16 rifle with a perfect score – US Navy
  • Honorable Discharge & Disabled Veteran US Navy


  • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
  • MBA

Other Awards and Certifications

  • Master Scuba Diver
  • IBM Certified Database Associate -- DB2 9 Fundamentals
  • IBM Certified System Administrator - DB2 9 for z/OS


An IT professional, with over 25 years experience, he is a Data Analyst and Database Administrator for a Fortune 10 company (The same company that delivered the "RAW" All-Pro pallets in Scott's video). Over time he has used: 8 different operating systems and 15 computer languages, plus dialects of each. He has given presentations at international IT conferences and helped IBM write the DB2 9 for z/OS certification exam. His avatar is a photo of James underwater in his scuba gear, and those "grey lumps" in the photo he is petting are sharks.

In July 2013, he officially became a published author with the publication of his three part article in the Jul - Aug - Sep 2013 edition of the Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine. The July issue of the magazine also included a cover shot of his train.

James is an “Original Junkie”, having started to listen to the Sigler podcasts during Earthcore. Killed in Contagious, this marks the fourth time he has been reported as dead.

Death Reports

1. The first death was on the CBS News at noon on Channel 6 in Albany, in the early 80’s. This news report killed off him, his two brothers, one sister, and his two nieces.

2. The second death was when he was reported dead at work, and only found out himself when he returned from surviving the cancer that had been reported to kill him.

3. The third death was to a drunken Santa Claus, using a machine gun, on the radio program Scubaradio, where James runs the chatroom on this weekly radio program. Scubaradio is currently in its 14th year (

4. Of course, the fourth death was in "Contagious".

5. Appears in "Live Free or Die" by John Ringo as "Fox News Space Analyst Dr James Eager" on pages 321-322 and 356. Not killed by the end of this first book in the trilogy. Latest report has him still alive in book 3 of this series, at least according to John Ringo, who stated "Didn't I kill you yet?" on Facebook. Oops....

Magazine appearances

Model Railroad Hobbyist MAgazine website screenshot showing featured author James Eager

1. Within the last several years his avatar photo has appeared in a magazine - Sharkdiver #3 (and a photograph he took appeared in another issue of the same magazine (but was uncredited)).

2. He was photographed working with a pair of computers (from behind) and this was published in the Feb 2008 Dive Training Magazine, page 44. The cover on this magazine featured a photo of a Lloyd Bridges, in one of his earliest TV roles - Mike Nelson (1958!) James's dive buddy is on page 50 of the same magazine.

3. He was quoted by his screenname of Mycroft in a Rodale's Scuba Divng magazine.

4. He also supplied a chart that was printed in Spearfishing magazine.

5. Authored a three part article in the Jul - Aug - Sep 2013 edition of the Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine which also included a cover shot of his train.

TV appearances

As a youth in the Cub Scouts on the "Ranger Andy" program. A local kids program.

On WBZ from Boston in Renfest costume - quoted on the air in 1982.



1 white cat named "Random"

1 black cocker spanial dog named "Midnight"

Several siblings, including younger brother Robert (Bob), and younger sister Rose - who are also Junkies!


An avid diver and photographer, his eclectic interests also include: Astronomy, Boy Scouts, HO model Trains, Reading, wargaming (board and role-playing), and has 7 books to his name (6 Technical manuals and 1 role-playing book).

The Character

James Eager has the rare gift of being a character in one of Scott Sigler's novels. Specifically, his name was used for a character in the novel Contagious. The character is initially introduced on page 236 of the U.S. First Edition hardback print version of the novel and is a sergeant in DOMREC’s X-ray Company. (Episode 16 of the podcast) His fire team is running a roadblock to stop the escape of the triangles. He is also the leader of the fireteam (a 4 person Army group, 2 Fireteams and a squad leader make up a squad).

Earned Sigler web badges: OJ - Original Junkie, KISS - Killed In Sigler Service, SA - Secret Agent for helping Sigler with various items (research, logistics, X-ray company patches) over the years.