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The Whitok are one of the major species of The Rookie Universe.


The Whitokians were originally from planet Whitok, however similar to planet Ionath the planet was saturation bombed by the Sklorno. In 2524, during the First Galactic War, the Sklorno sent fifty dense projectiles at near light speed. The projectiles struck the surface of the planet with enough force to puncture the planet's core and blast out the other side. This incredibly violent act killed all life within thousands of miles from both the entry and exit points. The shock to the planet was enough to destabilize the molten nickel and iron core causing massive tectonic movements on the surface of the planet. Whatever life which had survived the impact, would die in the upcoming years as volcanic activity and massive quakes would rock the surface of the planet for decade. Poisonous gases filled atmosphere rendering the planet uninhabitable. It would be seventy-five years before the surface would regain even moderate stability. It was estimated that perhaps another five-hundred years might be necessary for the crust to become completely dormant. Planet Whitok is now home to the Quyth who were able to successfully settle the planet as well as defend Whitok during the Creterakian takeover.


Whitokians are an amphibious people bearing deep purple skin.


From THE MVP[1]:

The cone-shaped Whitokians were perhaps the most disgusting-looking sentients in the galaxy. The first thing you noticed about them was the slime; a coating of mucus covered her orange skin. He knew it was a "her" because males were smaller and had greenish skin.
Her pointy end anchored two pairs of spindly legs, a pair on the right and a pair on the left. Membranes ran between the legs of each pair. In the water, Whitokians spread the legs wide, letting the membrane between work as a powerful flipper that could drive them forward or backward at high speed. On land, each pair of legs pressed together and operated as a single limb, making the loose membrane between sag in fleshy, slime-covered wrinkles.
At the wider end of the cone were their heads - he hated to look at their heads. The mouth was a pucker of puffy flesh with three long, spidery arms on either side. Just like on the legs, sagging membrane ran between the arms - in the water, the {arms could aid in swimming or be used like a Human's arms and hands}*, to grab things and move them, to wield tools or weapons. Above the mouth, the Whitokian's two oblong eyes seemed disturbingly identical to those of a Human or HeavyG.
No one had ever really come up with a good nickname for the Whitokians. Some people called them "lobster-squids," but that didn't really match up. "Frog-crabs" and "slime-shrimp" were others, but none of the standard Earth-based animal comparisons did them justice.

*Modified in Siglerpedia for clearer description, the bracketed section is slightly different from the section in THE MVP.

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