Yassoud Murphy

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Yassoud Murphy
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Five
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Running Back
Species Human
Fan Name No

Yassoud Murphy is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Yassoud is one of the backup running backs for Krakens running back Mitchell "the Machine" Fayed and is the first Teammate Quentin Barnes meets.

Prior to the Ionath Krakens

Tier Three Ball

Prior to joining the Ionath Krakens Yassoud played Tier 3 ball in the Sklorno League where he broke the standing league record for rushing yards and led his team to the Tier 3 Championship. As the Purist Nation does not participate in the Tier 3 championship, the first time Quentin meets Yassoud is on the Creterakian Space Station the Combine where all Rookie GFL players go to ensure species purity.

With The Krakens

Running back

Yassoud is now the Left Outside Linebacker for the Ionath Krakens. Wearing number 26, Yassoud seldom got full playing time as he was the third string running back behind Mitchell Fayed and Paul Pierson. In his rookie season which spans 9 regular season games and 2 championship games), Yassoud only ran for a total 182 yards with only a single touchdown. One-hundred of those yards were in the Tier 2 championship game which most consider merely a formality. When Mitchell Fayed was kill in game nine of the Krakens' regular season, This would have meant Yassoud would have started in the semi-final match with the Texas Earthlings. But after a freak Training accident just prior to the game, Quentin Barnes had to step in to take his place.


Physical Description

Yassoud is Described as a burly thick-chested man with legs the "size of sonic cannons." He has dark yellow skin and a full curly beard which hangs down to his chest.


Yassoud is always upbeat in nature being the first to crack a joke or to ask if his teammates wanted to go out. Yassoud is rather accepting of his third-string position and is in fact happy as he feels it increases the odds he will survive his rookie season. Yassoud also might have an addiction to gambling as he states he bets heavily on his own games and other football related items (such as whether Quentin will make it through his rookie season. Because of his willingness to go out and party, he strangely befriends Krakens Linebacker John Tweedy who goes out with Yassoud several times throughout the book whereupon they both proceed to get intoxicated.

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