Yitzhak Goldman

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Yitzhak Goldman
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Six
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Quarterback
Species Human (White Skinned)
Fan Name No

Yitzhak Goldman is a secondary character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. As third string of the three quarterbacks playing for the Ionath Krakens, Yitzhak almost never saw any playing time during the 2682 season. Ironically, it wouldn't be until the Galactic_Football_League#TIER_2 Championship that Yitzhak would get time on the field.


Physical Description

Yitzhak is described as having the white skin of a Tower Republic native of the planet Fortress. His hair is bleach white, even his eyebrows. The only color on his face is his eyes which are pitch black with pupils as dark as his irises. The overall effect gives Yotzhak an eerie, haunting stare which is quite at odds with his generally jovial personality.


Yitzhak is the third string Quarterback for the Ionath Krakens and for good reason. During practice, Quentin observes that Yitzhak is slower and less skilled than Donald Pine.


As with many characters in The Rookie, not much is known about Yitzahk's early years. He is a normal-G human who is a native of Ionath City on the Quyth controlled planet Ionath in the Quyth Concordia. In his home city on Ionath, Yitzhak is perhaps the most famous of all the Krakens. Yitzhak has a large variety of endorsement deals particularly in markets which cater to Quyth workers such as Junkie Gin.


The fact that Yitzhak, a Human, considers himself a citizen of the Quyth Concordia is seen as a shock to Purist Nation native Quentin Barnes who can't conceive of humans living on non-human controlled planets.

Personal Life

Yitzhak is married with children. His wife, Ahava, is a brunette. His two boys are named Shem and Kaleb.

Yitzhak is often referred to by his friends and teammates by the shortened version of his name, Zak.

Football Career

Playing history

  • 2677 Nemesis Nightflyers (QGA Tier 3) (age 24)
  • 2678 Nemesis Nightflyers (QGA Tier 3) (age 25)
  • 2679 Nemesis Nightflyers (QGA, Tier 3) (age 26)
  • 2680 Ionath Krakens (Tier 2) (age 27)
  • 2681 Ionath Krakens (Tier 2) (age 28)
  • 2682 Ionath Krakens (Tier 2) (age 29)
  • 2683 Ionath Krakens (Tier 1) (age 30)
  • 2684 Ionath Krakens (Tier 1) (age 31)
  • 2685 Ionath Krakens (Tier 1) (age 32)
  • 2686 Ionath Krakens (Tier 1) (age 33), played only seven weeks


  • 2682 Tear 2 Championship: starting quarterback. (T2 Championship MVP)
  • 2685 Galaxy Bowl: teammate

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