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Dark Øverlord Media (DOM) is a independent publishing house created to produce books and other properties for established online personalities.


The formation of DOM is a partnership between New York Times Best-Selling author Scott Sigler and A Kovacs of Audacity Events. The creation of DOM was issued in a press release was on August 19, 2009 with a subsquent announcement made as a post on Sigler's blog. Sigler is quoted as saying:

"Junkies, today is a big day in Siglerism. As reported in the Global Print Monitor, I have launched the future platform of world destruction. Say hello to my little friend: Dark Øverlord Media! I have partnered with Audacity Events, a San Diego company run by Junkie ARealGirl, to establish my own small press imprint."
--Scott Sigler; Aug 19, 2009, as chronicled in his blog announcement
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Scott 3 3.jpeg Scott Sigler NYT Best-Selling Author scottsigler
AKovacs.jpg A Kovacs Audacity Events ARealGirl

Press Release

The following text is the verbatim copy of the press release as it was published on the blog site for the Global Print Monitor:

Dark Øverlord Media Launches, Publishing Books By Established Online Personalities

San Francisco, CA (August 19, 2009) – New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler today announced the formation of Dark Øverlord Media, a publishing house created to produce books and other properties for established online personalities.

“Entertainers are using the internet to establish their own audiences,” Sigler said. “You no longer need a big publisher or a network marketing machine generate a fan base. Dark Øverlord Media wants to help those entertainers and journalists create tangible products that will make their audiences happy, then facilitate selling directly to those audiences.”

Dark Øverlord Media's first publication is the hardcover release of THE ROOKIE, a far-future football novel written by Sigler (http://www.scottsigler.com/therookie). He gave the story away as a free podcast in 2007, then sold a young adult version iPhone App in early 2009. Fan demand for a printed version compelled Sigler to create his own small press.

"Scott Sigler has pushed publishing to new extremes ever since he started," said Chris Brogan, author of TRUST AGENTS. "DOM is his next move, so watch out. In the 'taking matters into his own hands' department, Scott has no parallel. This will only end in awesome."

Sigler founded DOM in partnership with Audacity Events of San Diego, CA. Audacity Events recently managed logistics for the San Diego Science Festival (50,000 attendees) and the Balboa Park December Nights event (325,000 attendees).

"This isn't vanity press or print on demand," said A Kovacs, co-founder of Dark Overlord Media and owner of Audacity Events. "Those methods don't offer the quality Scott's fans deserve, nor do they offer sustainable profit margins. Our first product is a 3,000-copy hardcover printing with sixteen color plates and fifty pages of content that were not in the podcast. We produce premium, limited-edition products."

Sigler's established online audience allowed him to put THE ROOKIE up for pre-sale on April 24, 2009, and immediately sell 1,000 copies.

"Within three hours, we had capital for layout, design, printing and shipping," Sigler said. "The pre-sale made the book instantly profitable. That's turns the traditional publishing model on its head."

In September, Sigler launches the "Rookie Tailgate Tour" to support the book, visiting 20 cities in 24 days.

THE ROOKIE has been described as "Star Wars" meets "Any Given Sunday" meets "The Godfather."

--Gobal Print Monitor; reporting of the press release

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