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The Galactic Football League(GFL) is the football organization featured in the GFL Series of books by author Scott Sigler. The GFL is not only a premier sporting league that generates an extraordinary amount of revenue, but its very creation was to foster and promote inter-species cooperation throughout the galaxy. For information about the book series, see Galactic Football League (series)

Tier Structure

The GFL is comprised of three tier levels that are supported by conferences. These conferences are structured by skill level with the elite level or upper tier being named Tier One and the lowest level of skill being Tier Three.

These are the highlights of the Tier structure of play:

  • Tier One is comprised of 22 teams, broken into two 11-team divisions (the Solar Division and the Planet Division).
  • Teams play a 12-game season over 13 weeks (one bye week), with 10 games against their Division competitors and two cross-divisional games.
  • The top four teams in each division at the end of the regular season continue into a single-elimination playoff period.
  • The two division champions face off in the GFL Championship called the Galaxy Bowl.
  • The team in each division with the worst record is relegated to the less prestigious Tier Two level.
  • The top two Tier Two teams are promoted to the more prestigious Tier One level of play.
  • Players on Tier Two teams that move up are protected for two seasons, in order to give new Tier One teams a chance to win without their talent being raided.

The table below shows the organization of conferences within the tier structure.

Tier Conference
Tier One (T1)
Solar Division
Planet Division
Tier Two (T2)
Human Conference
Tower Conference
Ki Conference
Harrah Conference
Quyth Irradiated Conference
Sklorno Irradiated Conference
Tier Three (T3)
Purist Nation Football League


  • Quyth Concordia is not under Creterakian control, but the Quyth Irradiated League participates in Tier Two action.
  • Prawatt Jihad has no teams.
  • Portath Cloud has no team
  • Prior to 2685, the Purist Nation had no official Tier One teams. The Buddah City Elite fielded a team of human players that competed in the Tier Two Human League. The team then made exceptions for other species to play and upon winning the Tier Two Championship in 2684, the team competed at Tier One level.


One of the main purposes of the GFL is to promote inter-species cooperation. Being competitive in the upper tiers requires a team to be a multi-species organization, working together as a team to employ the skills of different species whose physiology lends them to excel at specific football postions.

These are the most common uses of species by position:

  • Ki - Lineman (both Offense and Defense). Their massive size and strength allows the warrior caste of the Ki to be excellent at offensive and defensive protection.
  • Sklorno - Wide Receiver on Offense and in the secondary (i.e. Cornerback) on Defense. Sklorno are the only species suited for these roles, because of their blinding speed and unmatched ability to jump.
  • Quyth Warrior - Linebacker due to their formidable size, musculature and fighting spirit.
  • HeavyG Humans - Defensive End due to their strength, balance and speed over short distances. HeavyG Humans can also succeed in defensive interior positions and even on the offensive line.
  • Humans (or variants of non- HeavyG Humans) - Quarterback.
  • Harrah - Referees and Team doctors (Outside of the Tier Two Harrah Conference). Their ability to fly allows them an unmatched persepective to the game.
  • Quyth Leader - Owners and coaches due to their intelligence and natural affinity for positions of command.

In the lower tiers, such as the Purist Nation Football League (PNFL), it is possible to feild a human-only team. However if the team aspires to the higher tiers, it will not be competitive until it intergrates other species. A Human-only team would otherwise be quickly overwhelmed by the size and speed of the non-human players.


Pre-GFL Era

The Galactic Football League Era starting in 2658, is a direct result of the Creterakian conquest of multiple species and worlds. By 2651, Creterakian dominance is accepted and the Ki are effectively managing the intergalactic trade routes. However despite increased trade, cross-species violence is still a major problem, so severe it interferes with shipping as vessels are illegally searched and crews harassed or detained based on race. Ki Rebellion piracy is becoming a major problem and organized crime grows stronger by preying on shipping, but still the Creterakians refuse to give any government warships to deal with the piracy problem. In 2652, cross-species violence becomes an epidemic as terrorists do the unthinkable and simultaneously nuke three cities, one in each of the main systems - Earth (Planetary Union), Grinkas (Leekee Collective) and Ki (Ki Empire). Purist Nation terrorists are suspected, but there is no proof.

System Police Formation

Realizing they need assistance, the Creterakians ask for help in controlling cross-species violence and piracy. In 2653, Planetary Union officials introduce a plan for "System Police" departments - para-military forces made up of indigenous species that protect their various governments. However, the System Police are not enough to quell the cross-species unrest.

Inter-species Sporting Events

Finally in 2654, the Creterakians admit they need help in improving species relations and collaborate with the League of Planets to introduce non-contact galactic sporting events. The League recognizes that sports have historically brought races together, not only for humans, but for all sentient species. Furthermore, League scientists believe group dynamics that have held true for intra-species race relations will also hold true for inter-species relations. By 2657, the sporting events prove to be a boon to the entertainment and travel industries, but are not producing the predicted cross-species cooperation. This is because physiology differences results in single species dominating various sports. For instance, the Harrah dominate all racing events, the Ki dominate all strength, hand-to-hand combat and throwing events, the Sklorno dominate non-contact field sports like soccer and Humans dominate all hand-eye coordination sports like hockey, archery, etc.

Galactic Football Era

In 2658, League scientist Demarkus Johnson unveils a plan for the Galactic Football League. Football is the only sport where various positions cater to the different physiologies. The Creterakians readily accept, funding a test league of 12 teams.The GFL is an immediate success, as it forces species to work together. In addition, it is the first occurrence in decades where fans of one species root for players of another. In 2662, The GFL expands to 14 teams. 2664, Demand for teams is so great that the GFL expands to 18 teams. Station 1 Givers, Buddah City Elite, Hittoni Hullwalkers and Srabian Salient are all added in this year.

The Disaster

In 2663, Purist Nation police under Mullah Abdul Smith's orders impounds the New Rodina Astronauts' team bus. The Purist Nation police accuse the Astronauts of spying resulting in the execution of all non-human players. Governments are outraged at this blatant attack on a civilian vessel causing anti-human violence soars to new heights. Amid the turmoil, the Creterakians cancel the 2663 GFL season and finally in 2666, Creterakian officials decide to eliminate the GFL altogether.

Formation of the IGFL

The football vacuum left by the dismantled GFL, paved the way for Club football teams flourish. A Ki businessman starts a new twelve team league to fill the gap, the Inter-Galactic Football League (IGFL). The IGFL is open to any team and in 2667, despite low caliber of players, limited traveling ability, and a lack of security, the IGFL swells to 26 teams, making it an instant hit with football fans. However the IGFL isn’t without its dangers. In the first year, The Fangs, a Ki-based team, are killed when a terrorist bomb destroys their team bus and Tower Football Club members are killed in a freak cosmic-ray accident. Notwithstanding, by 2668, The IGFL swells to 32 teams. It was a great year for attendance, and a bad year for teams: four teams are lost in shipping accidents or terrorist acts. Illegal search-and-seizures continue to plague the league, resulting in harassment, beatings, and several injuries that impact game outcomes.

GFL Reboot

Faced with mounting deaths from unregulated IGFL teams, the Creterakians again start up the GFL in 2669. GFL "team buses" are given diplomatic immunity, meaning they cannot be stopped or searched by anyone. The 18 former GFL teams are reinstated, and four IGFL teams are added to the ranks. The Creterakians disband the IGFL, breaking it down into six smaller leagues that play all games within the borders of a single government. Acts of harassment drop considerably. By 2670, the 22 team GFL enjoys a successful season without any violence and the next year League officials are flooded with requests by teams wanting to join the GFL. To accommodate the requests, the GFL reorganizes in 2672, to absorb the former IGFL teams as "Second Tier" teams.

Galaxy Bowl

The Galaxy Bowl is the culmination of the Tier One season where the last two teams in the the sudden death playoffs challenge each other for supremacy and the Galaxy Bowl Championship trophy. By 2685, 27 Galaxy Bowls were on record although three of them were cancelled after The Disaster.


Tier One - as of 2685
Season Year Winner Loser Score
I 2659 To Pirates Tower Terrans 28-14
II 2660 Rodina Astronauts Re Rebels 12-10
III 2661 To Pirates Satah Sea Birds 56-0
IV 2662 Satah Sea Birds To Pirates 32-8
V 2663 Rodina Astronauts Quyth Survivors 20-18
VI 2664 To Pirates Giril Garbadons 41-34
VII 2665 Ionath Krakens Wabash Wall 23-21
VIII 2666 No Season
IX 2667 No Season
X 2668 No Season
XI 2669 Wabash Wall Wilson 4 Warp 32-31
XII 2670 Tower Terrans Wilson 6 Physicists 20-10
XIII 2671 Hittoni Hullwalkers Wilson 6 Physicists 21-20
XIV 2672 Hittoni Hullwalkers Sayle Sailors 24-21
XV 2673 Hittoni Hullwalkers Coranadillana Cloud Killers 17-14
XVI 2674 Alimum Armada Thomas 3 Lions 9-6
XVII 2675 Jupiter Jacks Ionath Krakens 21-16
XVIII 2676 Jupiter Jacks Isis Ice Storm 38-35
XIX 2677 To Pirates Lorah Coral 26-7
XX 2678 Newton Apples Sala Intrigue 51-50
XXI 2679 Rodina Astronauts Vik Vanguard 14-10
XXII 2680 Bartel Water Bugs To Pirates 39-30
XXIII 2681 To Pirates Alpha Waves 23-18
XXIV 2682 Jupiter Jacks To Pirates 21-20
XXV 2683 Wabash Wolfpack New Rodina Astronauts 23-17 OT
XXVI 2684 Themala Dreadnaughts Jupiter Jacks 28-24
XXVII 2685 Ionath Krakens Jupiter Jacks 23-21

Championship Appearances

Tier One - Galaxy Bowl as of 2685
Team Wins Losses Total
To Pirates 5 3 8
Rodina Astronauts 3 1 4
Jupiter Jacks 3 2 5
Hittoni Hullwalkers 3 0 3
Satah Sea Birds 1 1 2
Ionath Krakens 2 1 3
Wabash Wolfpack 2 1 3
Tower Terrans 1 1 2
Alimum Armada 1 0 1
Newton Apples 1 0 1
Bartel Water Bugs 1 0 1
Themala Dreadnaughts 1 0 1
Wilson 6 Physicists 0 2 2
Re Rebels 0 1 1
Quyth Survivors 0 1 1
Giril Garbadons 0 1 1
Wilson 4 Warp 0 1 1
Sayle Sailors 0 1 1
Coranadillana Cloud Killers 0 1 1
Thomas 3 Lions 0 1 1
Isis Ice Storm 0 1 1
Lorah Coral 0 1 1
Sala Intrigue 0 1 1
Vik Vanguard 0 1 1
Alpha Waves 0 1 1

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