Galina Poriskova

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Galina Poriskova
Book(s) Ancestor
Introduced Prequel Episode 2
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Occupation Geneticist (Genada)
Species Human
Fan Name No

Galina Poriskova is a fictional character in novel Ancestor by author Scott Sigler. Galina is a geneticist who works for Genada prior to the start of the Ancestor Project. She acts a whistle blower after Genada attempts to solve the organ transplantation issue with the use of human surrogates informing Colonel Paul Fischer of USAMRIID. This act effectively shut down Genada’s Human surrogate program and paved the way for the Ancestor Project and the events in the novel

Character Background

Life Prior to Genada

Prior to joining Genada Galina was a geneticist working for another company known as Amgen. It is during a USAMRIID where Galina first meets Colonel Paul Fischer. While USAMRIID did not determine any findings against Amgen, this investigation spurred the company to move the research to Brazil. Galina chose not to go with the project because she, as she so eloquently put it, “Did not want to live in a fucking Jungle.”

In the Employ of Genada

Galina worked for Genada prior to the start of the Ancestor Program. At that time Genada was attempting to bypass the Immune Response problem inherent in all Xenotransplantation projects by using a Chimera organism brought to term inside a human surrogate. The women in question thought they were carrying children for infertile couples and were unaware they were instead bearing hybrid fetuses; they were under that impression up until their deaths caused by those fetus, an incalculable human rights violation.

While the deaths of these women as well as a more-than-healthy hate for one Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf, were enough to make Galina seek out Fischer, she also had additional demands. Knowing that by speaking to Fischer her career would be finished, Galina promised to provide all necessary information to prosecute Genada if Fischer provided immunity for Dr. Liu Jiandan (Jian), Erika Hoel and herself, as well as $5,000,000. Galina was set to arrange to meet with Fischer two days later, but never arrived to the appointment. Unfortunately for Galina, her meeting with Fischer was being watched by an unknown informant who told Magnus and Dante Paglione of her betrayal. Galina would spend the last days of her life being tortured to death by Magnus in an effort to keep her from exposing Genada’s human experimentation.


Outward Appearance

Galina is described being a small brunette woman of 5’ 4”. To her meeting with Fischer she wore large sunglasses and a headscarf which only served to make her more visible.


Obviously talented in genetics, Galina is shown as being extremely intelligent if a little disorganized.

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