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Genada (Genada Corporation) is a fictional bio-technology company appearing in the novel Ancestor. The company is based in Manitoba, Canada, with most of the research operations taking place in facilities on Baffin Island and Black Manitou Island.

The company pioneered a technique to engineer a mammal from the DNA up, capable of supplying organs for human transplantation. Genada specializes in cloning, DNA sequencing, xenotransplantation and, most importantly, bioinformatics.


The founder of Genada was also the father of Danté and Magnus Paglione. Suffering from a congenital heart condition, the senior Paglione died following two heart transplants. Danté Paglione assumed command of the company after his father’s death and was entrusted with fifty one percent of the voting stock. At the beginning of the novel Ancestor, it is mentioned that under Danté’s direction, Genada has grown into the world’s largest biotech company.

Although Danté was the leading man behind Genada, the real "brains" of the project was a geneticist named Dr. Liu Jiandan. Directed by Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf and accompanied by Dr. Erika Hoel, Jian succeeds in genetically engineering the ancestor of all mammals. Through implantation in cows as surrogate mothers, the scientists hoped to raise animals that are genetically compatible to humans, leading to real possibilities for xenotransplantion – tissue transplants between species – thereby saving millions of lives each year. This was the altruistic intention of the Ancestor project.

However, Danté is driven to obsession to dedicate a large portion of Genada’s resources to the Ancestor project in order to find a method of making organ transplants more accessible because he, like his father before him, is suffering from a congenital heart condition.

Genada spent approximately $750 million dollars on their keystone Ancestor project without turning a profit which required Danté to bring in an additional five investors in order to raise an incremental $75 million. Magnus Paglione, who serves as the head of Genada security (for which his Special Forces training compliments) does not agree with the direction that his brother is taking the company and seeks to undermine his authority by sabotaging the 'Ancestor project.

Since both Danté and Magnus Paglione are incapacitated in the novel Ancestor, it is clear nor is it stated who currently owns and oversees the direciton of Genada Corporation.




Genada Corporation Security

  • Magnus Paglione: Head of Security; brother of Danté
  • P.J. Colding: Head of Genada on site security; former CIA agent
  • Andy Crosthwaite: On site security guard; also known as “Andy the Asshole”
  • Gunther Jones: On site security guard
  • Brady Giovani: On site security guard

Genada C-5 Mobile Lab Flight Crew

  • Sara Purinam: Captain & Pilot of the C-5 airplane contracted by Genada
  • Alonzo Barella: Co-Pilot
  • Harold Miller: C-5 Crewmember; one half of “The Twins”
  • Andre “Cappy” Capistrano: C-5 Crewmember; other half of “The Twins”


Known facilities

Genada Headquarters

Status: In use
Located in Manitoba, Canada, it is the base from which the CEO, Danté Paglione, receives updates on the operations. There are no known laboratories in this location but rather it serves as business headquarters and security center.

Baffin Island Facility

Satellite image of Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada

Status: Abandoned
This facility, which was located between Canada and Greenland, was planned to be a state of the art fully functional bioinformatics laboratory and testing facility.

The island contained three structures – massive hangar, a lab/living facility and a communications tower. The hangar measured 100 yards long and 70 feet high, housing a Humvee and a Eurocopter EC 145. In addition, the northwest corner of the hanger housed fifty cows for future experimentation use as surrogate mothers. Just off the northwest corner of the hangar, it opened up to a two-acre pasture surround by electric fences. Near the hangar was a one-mile landing strip with a back up data site at the end of the strip. The combination laboratory and living quarters was located fifty yards southwest of the hangar. This main facility contained state of the art veterinary lab, genetics lab, cafeteria, recreation room and 600 square foot apartments for nine people. The communications tower supplied the only link to the civilized world.

When Danté and Magnus learn of the CIA’s plan to eliminate all transgenic experiments, they decide to relocate their operations. However, the relocation is almost thwarted by the betrayal and destruction caused by Dr. Erika Hoel in service to the CIA. Following these events all personnel were evacuated from the island and the facility was abandoned. When the personnel left the island, Magnus stayed behind to eliminate the threat to Genada.

Black Manitou Island Facility

Depiction of Black Manitou Island from the rear cover of the paperback print

Status: Abandoned
When Genada had found out that the CIA was attempting to shut down their Baffin Island operations in Canada, Danté Paglione made the decision to move the entire project to Black Manitou Island. Using a commissioned C-5 airplane outfitted with a mobile lab and stalls for cows playing surrogate mothers, Genada moved their research operations to a little known facility located on an island in Lake Superior, off the coast of Michigan.

The island is privately owned and therefore has the appearance of not being overtly associated with Genada or the Paglione brothers. However, as the on site security head, P.J. Colding, learns from the facility’s caretaker, Clayton Detweiler, the Paglione’s do indeed own the island and outfitted it as a contingency location years before.

After Magnus’ failed attempt at sabotaging and destroying the C-5 mobile lab, the Ancestors are birthed and run amok on Black Manitou Island, leaving devastation in their wake. Eventually, the few remaining Genada employees abandon the facility, making it out with ony their lives .

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