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Editor: John Joseph Adams
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published: June 30, 2014
Pages: n/a Library link

HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! and other improbable crowdfunding projects is a 2014 anthology that contains the story Nosferatu, Brutus?, written by Scott Sigler.

Book Synopsis

If you’re a regular backer of Kickstarters, you’ve probably seen some unique crowdfunding projects in your time. But one thing all of those campaigns—boringly!—had in common was: They abided by the physical laws of the universe!

HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! is an anthology of science fiction/fantasy stories told in the form of fictional crowdfunding project pitches, using the components (and restrictions) of the format to tell the story. This includes but is not limited to: Project Goals, Rewards, User Comments, Project Updates, FAQs, and more. The idea is to replicate the feel of reading a crowdfunding pitch, so that even though the projects may be preposterous in the real world, they will feel like authentic crowdfunding projects as much as possible.


  1. Introduction by John Joseph Adams
  2. Formatting Note by John Joseph Adams
  3. HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!!, by Keffy R.M. Kehrli
  4. For Entertainment Purposes Only, by Jeremiah Tolbert
  5. Zero G R&J, by Mary Robinette Kowal
  6. A Memorial to the Patriots, by Jake Kerr
  7. I Want to be a Lioness, by Chuck Wendig
  8. Liberty: Seeking Support for a Writ of Habeas Corpus for a Non-Human Being, by Samuel Peralta
  9. Help Summon the Most Holy Folded One!, by Harry Connolly
  10. Fulfill My Destiny—and Save the World!, by Matt Forbeck
  11. Lapping the Apocalypse 2: The Nano-Plague, by Tim Pratt
  12. Fund Taphognosis Industries, by Tobias S. Buckell
  13. Catassassins, by Veronica Belmont
  14. Finder of Lost Things, by Monte Cook
  15. Prima Nocta Detective Agency Needs You, by Genevieve Valentine
  16. So Juicy Transforming Strips, by Matt Williamson
  17. The Spirit of Mars: Fund a Sacred Journey to the Red Planet, by Andrew Penn Romine
  18. Flashed Forward, by Bradley Beaulieu
  19. Help Me Follow My Sister Into the Land of the Dead, by Carmen Maria Machado
  20. Be Careful What You Wish For, by Michael J. Sullivan
  21. A Practical Mechanism for Overcoming the Directionality of Temporal Flow, by David D. Levine
  22. Life-Sized ARENA TETRIS, by David Malki
  23. Zippers, by Derek Van Gorder
  24. I Used to Love H.E.R., by Maurice Broaddus
  25. Locally Grown, Organic, by Kat Howard
  26. Let's Keep Burt Grimsby's Head Frozen!, by Heather Lindsley
  27. Jerome 3.0, by Jason Gurley
  28. Help Me Destroy Cannes!, by Jonathan L. Howard
  29. Save the Photophobic Hemoglobivores With the Sanguine Reserve!, by Mur Lafferty
  30. Nosferatu, Brutus?, by Scott Sigler
  31. Updates, by Vylar Kaftan & Shannon Prickett
  32. You Only Live Once, by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  33. Mechanical Animals, by Brooke Bolander
  34. Kismet™, by Daniel H. Wilson
  35. Bring About the Halloween Eternal!!!, by Seanan McGuire

Release Schedule

Digital editions

Cover Art Edition Country Release Date
1st ed. eBook Global June 30, 2014

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