J.C. Hutchins

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Arch rival, nemesis, trusted consultant and common collaborator with Scott Sigler. J.C. is almost as renowned throughout the podcasting world, for his podcast novel series "7th Son".

J.C. Hutchins is the root of all strife and error in Scott Sigler's life. Just one case of this would be from the Ancestor PDF in regards to Scott missing any , "I really don’t know how that would be his fault, but I’ll state it now, and figure out the logic later." Scott has even printed off a picture of J.C. "baby face" Hutchins for the sole purpose of filling it with holes at the shooting range one fine Tallahassee day when it was mentioned that florida was the "Seventh Sunshine State.

Hutchins was also referenced in Nocturnal as an extra, described as a "baby-faced man" with an "I Comply" T-Shirt. The character was kicked in the balls for defending a bum who character Rex Deprovdechuk had attacked.

JC Hutchins is the co-author of The Stone Wolves, the sixth and final GFL Novella.

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