John Smith

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John "Black Mr. Burns" Smith
Book(s) Nocturnal (Rough Draft)
Introduced Episode Four
Gender Male
Occupation Gang Task Force Officer
Species Human
Fan Name No
Depiction of John "Black Mr. Burns" Smith

John "Black Mr. Burns" Smith is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal (Rough Draft) by author Scott Sigler.

Character Background

John Smith a member of the Gang Task Force with the San Francisco Police Department. He assists SFPD Homicide Detective "Pookie" Chang by searching the FBI's Symbols Analysis Database (SAD) for the strange symbols found at the scene of the gang murders. Unwittingly, John’s unsuccessful search for the symbols tips off Sean Robertson, the SFPD Sub Police Chief, that someone is querying for the symbols. Subsequently, John receives what seems to be an innocuous phone call from Robertson, who is actually trying to confirm if it was "Pookie" Chang or Bryan Clauser that initiated the query.



The character’s full name is John Smith. However, John’s colleagues frequently refer to him with the nickname of "The Black Mr. Burns", owing to the fact that he is black and looks like Mr. Burns from the popular animated TV show The Simpson's. Unlike what you might expect, John loves this nickname, as it is nothing like the mundane name his parents gave him.

An offshoot of John's nickname is used by Tonda Murphy, who refers to John as BMB which was an acronym for his nickname, Black Mr. Burns.

Outward Appearance

John is described as being black with an overbite, balding head and long fingers that did indeed make him look like Mr. Burns from show The Simpson's.


From the minimal information given of John, he appears to an easy going person with a good sense of humor.

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