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This article is about the overall storyline of the novella Kissyman.
For information specific to the character refer to Kissyman (character)

Kissyman was orignally released in August 2007 as a short story in the Bloodcast Season 1 podcast feed. Author Scott Sigler was quoted as saying,
Kissyman is a story I was inspired to write after reading “Devil in a Blue Dress” by Walter Mosley. This is not the hard-science horror stuff that is my bread and butter, but rather a hard-boiled detective style take on an illegal immigrant from another era in America’s history. No science (unless you count psychology), but it does, indeed, get us back on the “lots and lots of violence” track.


Kissyman follows the dark and unsavory escapades of a former German Nazi as he tries to start his life anew in America. Set in the 1940's, the story not only details the history of the character but also the genesis of his unique name.


Name Information 1st Appearance
Kissyman Former German Nazi officer; now a gun for hire Ep. 1
Brad Levin aka The Gentleman Former boxer and currently a bodyguard Ep. 1
Mathis Wrenn Stalker Ep. 1
Beth Copenhaver Actress Ep. 1
John Vizcarra NYPD Officer Ep. 1
Sean "Lefty" Ryan Kissyman's accomplice Ep. 1
"Doctor" Matt Kriz Doctor and friend of "Lefty" Ep. 4
Hank Williams Orphan Ep. 4
Peggy Lee Orphan Ep. 4
Corbin "Fang" Hilty Bodyguard Ep. 6
Tracy Kawamura Mistress Ep. 6

Characters Named for Fans

Similar to the novels Nocturnal and Contagious, author Scott Sigler’s podcast novella Kissyman includes randomly chosen fans that have characters named after them. The luckiest of these fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely and death as the novel progresses. The following link references a table dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

Episode Downloads

Episode Number Download Link Podcast Date
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 1 Download February 5, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 2 Download February 14, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 3 Download February 21, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 4 Download February 28, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 5 Download March 7, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 6 Download March 14, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 7 Download March 21, 2010
Kissyman & the Gentleman Part 8 Download April 4, 2010

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