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Mookie the dog is a character in the novel Ancestor written by Scott Sigler.

Character Background

Mookie is the faithful companion owned by Sven Ballantine, who lived and worked for the Genada Corporation at their Black Manitou Island facility. Mookie assists Sven with caring for the back up cow herd on his farm and often performed duties such as rounding up the herd. In the novel, Mookie was the first to alert Sven to the presence of the pregnant cows after Sara Purinam landed the C-5 mobile lab in the bay. Mookie also fought the creatures when they first appeared in Sven's barn, ultimately ripping an ear from Baby McButter.


Outward Appearance

Mookie is described in the novel as being a wide-eyed, black furred, cattle dog with a long haired tail.


Mookie is a well-trained working farm dog that often gave in to her exuberance to greeting visitors to the Ballantine farm. She is friendly to newcomers but often indulges in rolling in stinky things she finds around the Black Manitou Island farm. She is nimble and fast and described as being able to gracefully leap like a gazelle and run off like a shot. When Mookie knew she was in trouble, she would let out an ear piercing yelp, which she used as a defense mechanism. Hearing her yelp broke Sven's heart and being a clever dog, Mookie used this to her advantage.

She also loved barking at just about everything although she rarely ever growled. In fact, it was her growling at the pregnant cows from the C-5 that alerted Sven that something was very wrong with them.

Fans Based Character


The character of Mookie is named after the the real life dog by the same name and who was a beloved member of the Sigler family. More information about the life of Mookie can be found in this original memorial post at

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