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Mr. Claudio Biz-Nass is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal (Rough Draft) by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode six of the rough draft audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Mr. Biz-Nass is a fortune teller who owns a second storey store in the Little Italy section of North Beach. A blue and red neon sign of an eye and hand marks his shop. "Pookie" Chang has used Mr. Biz-Nass several times for assistance with his police work.



The author refers to this character with only the nickname of Mr. Biz-Nass. No true name is given.

Outward Appearance

Mr. Biz-Nass is described as having pallid, wrinkled skin and a nose that looks like it had been broken three times. His left eyelid also hung over his iris making him look as if he is in the middle of a perpetual wink. While working as a fortune teller, Mr. Biz-Nass wore red robes trimmed in blue and a blue turban lined with red glass rubies. He also speaks through a voice box as he has a permanent trachea in place meaning an open hole in his throat used for breathing. He must cover this hole to speak. This is also part of his disability.


A large part of Mr. Biz-Nass' personality is defined by his disability as he suffers from Tourette's syndrome. Mr. Biz-Nass exhibited coprolalia or more commonly, the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks. This aspect of his personality annoys Bryan Clauser, who believes Mr. Biz-Nass is possibly faking the disability in order to get away with insulting people to their faces.

Mr. Biz-Nass is also known as a swindler when it comes to charging for his services. He is described as knowing “more money snagging tricks than a gregarious pimp.”

Pookie describes Mr. Biz-Nass as “nocturnal” referring to the fortune teller's preference of working only at night.


Mr. Biz-Nass is regarded as an expert in the activities and history of the San Francisco occult. He gives Pookie and Bryan crucial information about the symbols found at the gang murder scenes and their connection to a long defunct cult called Marie's Children.