Murray Longworth

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Murray Longworth
Book(s) Infected
Mount Fitz Roy
Introduced Infected
Gender Male
Occupation Retired DST Director
Species Human
Fan Name No

Murray Longworth is a fictional character appearing in Scott Sigler’s novels Infected, Contagious, Ancestor and Mount Fitz Roy. He is mentioned, but does not otherwise appear, in Earthcore.

Character Background

Central Intelligence Agency, Special Activities Division: 1994-1998

Longworth ran a secret group within the Special Activities Division's Special Operations Group. The group, known as the "NoSeeUms," included Patrick O'Doyle.

Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director: 1999-2006

In the novels Infected and Contagious, Longworth held the position of Deputy Director for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Central Intelligence Agency Director: 2006-2010

In the novel Ancestor, Longworth held the position of Director for the CIA and headed up the Special Threats unit. It was revealed in Ancestor that Longworth had previously worked with Patrick O'Doyle and wanted him included in a Special Forces unit assigned to Special Threats.

Director of the Department of Special Threats: 2011-2014

In the novel Pandemic, Longworth is the director of the Department of Special Threats.


Murray retired in 2014, at the close of Pandemic, when the position of director was taken over by Tim Feely.

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