Paul Fischer (Ancestor)

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Paul Fischer
Book(s) Ancestor
Introduced Prequel Episode 1
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Colonel USAMRIID
Fan Name No

Colonel Paul Fischer is a fictional character in novel Ancestor by author Scott Sigler. Fischer is a member of USAMRIID and more specifically in what is known as the special threats division. Fischer represents the pursuing government force which is pursuing the Ancestor project run by the Genada Corporation.

Character Background

Life Prior to the events in Ancestor

Not much is known about Fischer’s background prior to the novel. Fischer’s main area of expertise is the threat posed by Xenotransplantation. It is stated in the early chapters of the novel that Fischer has actually seen the affects of a disease which crossed-species (which is the main threat posed by Xenotransplantation as human beings would have no immunity to such a disease)as he had seen someone die from just such a disease.

Events of Ancestor

In the opening chapters of the novel, Fischer is brought in by Murray Longworth (of Infected and Contagious fame), to review the disaster at the Novozyme Facility in Greenland. Novozyme was working in the field of [Wikipedia: xenotransplantation|Xenotransplantation], attempting to modify the genomes of pigs to include human proteins; this would (theoretically) allow pig organs to be used in human beings. Unfortunately this allowed a disease, which was natural to the pigs used in the experiment, to cross over to human beings. Thankfully Novazyme scientists, in particular the lead researcher Dr. Pons Matal, contained the outbreak by locking down the Novozyme facility even through it would result in the death of all those inside. Indeed, After reviewing the scene, it was Fischer who gave the final command to bomb the facility with two fuel-air bombs incinerating everything within a one-mile radius.

After the bombing, Longworth Sends Fischer after Genada as he and the president are convinced they represent the greatest threat. The U.S. Governemnt had information showing the Genada had previously been using human experimentation, though that aspect of the project had been shut down in favor of Ancestor project. Fischer was against this move as he understood that Genada’s approach would not allow for the cross-over of non-human viruses. But with orders on high, Fischer would begin his plans to find the Genada facility, and stop them using any means necessary.



In the opening chapters on the novel it is said that Fischer has a son and an ex-wife name Claire. It is unknown at this point whether that son is intended to be Paul Fischer of Nocturnal Fame.


Fischer is described as being dedicated to his job and very intelligent. While he has respect for those in authority and will follow orders, he has a certain level of contempt for members of the administration who interfere in matters they do not have knowledge of.


Fischer can be seen as the U.S. government’s expert on the potential threats posed by Xenotransplantation.

Alterations from Original Podcast

In the original podcast version of Ancestor Colonel Paul Fischer was a character known as Sydney Chapman. Where Fischer is a member of the U.S. military (hence his rank of Colonel), Chapman is not given a rank and is passed off a more of a civilian operator associated with one of the U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Fan Based Character

Fan PaulFischer.jpg

The character of Paul Fischer is named for the devoted junkie by the same name whose avatar is pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found on Twitter at this alternate link. Paul also has the rare privilege of having his name used for another character in the novel [[Nocturnal]

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