Paul Stillwell (Dr. Teyshawn P. Anderson)

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This article refers to a defunct character used in the novel Ancestor which was publish in 2007 as a paperback version from DragonMoon Press. The novel has since been rewritten with this character being renamed to Tim Feely and this character's functions being split between Tim Feely and Dr. Erika Hoel.

Paul Stillwell is a fictional character in novel Ancestor by author Scott Sigler. He was the undercover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent posing as Teyshawn P. Anderson, a junior scientist on the Ancestor project pursued by the Genada Corporation.

Character Background

Life Prior to Genada

Teyshawn Anderson was a CIA operative assigned to infiltrate, assimilate and observe the employees and operations of Genada.

In the Employ of Genada

The field of xenotranplantation was a highly competitive industry requiring the ultimate levels of scrutiny of any new employees and Teyshawn was no exception. In fact, Teyshawn was personally investigated and cleared by the head of security and brother to the CEO, Magnus Paglione. As a biological engineering graduate student, Teyshawn rounded out the scientific team of Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf, Dr. Liu Jiandan, and Dr. Overgard, all assembled by Danté, himself.

Once on board at Genada, Stillwell’s true identity was completely obscured, leaving those around him to believe that he was who he said – Teyshawn P. Anderson. He did the equivalent of scientific “heavy lifting” such as monitoring experiments, running diagnostics, reporting results, and looking after the test subject cows. He reported to Dr. Rhumkorrf but also took orders from others.

While at the Baffin Island facility, the team was struggling to surpass the hurdle of increasing the embryo viability in the immune response tests. While Jian was on the verge of a breakthrough, Teyshawn received instructions from his CIA superiors to raze the facility and stop the project. P.J. Colding stops Teyshawn from completing his mission and Magnus Paglione arrives to relocate the staff to the Black Manitou Island facility. Colding didn’t want to startle the scientists so he lies to them telling them that Teyshawn worked for the Genada competitor Monsanto and that his rampage was industrial sabotage. Dr. Rhumkorrf believed the ruse that Monsanto wanted to shut them down because they were ahead and this gives him the resolve to bolster the other two scientists to go on with their research.



The character’s real name is Paul Stillwell, however the only people who knew this prior to his employment at Genada was the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His cover identification was Teyshawn P. Anderson. Stillwell does eventually reveal his real identification to Colding after Colding neutralized him. No nicknames were used for this character.

Outward Appearance

He was described as being about as tall as Colding and a foot taller than Dr. Rhumkorrf which would approximate his height at 5 feet 6 inches (167.54cm). Paul Stillwell was also described as being about 100 pounds heavier than Dr. Rhumkorrf which would estimate his weight at 250 lbs (113 kgs).


Under the personality of Teyshawn Anderson, Paul Stllwell was compliant and obident even when he was treated to one of Dr. Rhumkorrf's frequent tirades. Dr. Rhumkorrf treated Teyshawn with particular disdain as he was, in the doctor’s eyes, Teyshawn was merely a graduate student. Dr. Rhumkorrf treated him like a child and would scream at Teyshawn to not to talk back and to get out of “his” lab.

However, when he was finally able to show his true self as a CIA operative, he was focused, determined and ruthless.


Paul Stillwell possessed a wide variety of skills. As a CIA operative he demonstrated weapons and combat familiarity as well as the ability to improvise a strategy to disable the Genada operations with only the materials and knowledge he had at hand.

As the persona of biological engineering graduate student, Teyshawn Anderson, Paul demonstrated the full skill set of a person intimately familiar with the inner workings of a laboratory environment dedicated to advanced genetic research. He was able to perform the spectrum of scientific duties so seamlessly that no one questioned his persona.

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