Plants and Animals

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Plants and Animals
Title Plants and Animals
Anthology Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-ups
Published 2023
Length 18
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Plants and Animals is a short story in the Double Trouble anthology, published in 2023. The anthology pairs two un-related properties into a single storyline. This story is a combination of Plants (descendants of the carnivorous plant from Little Shop of Horrors) and Animals (from the Island of Dr. Moreau).


Mariana guides her lifeboat to the shore of an island, on which she finds coconuts and mangoes. She notices another boat with a hole in its hull, and stocks her boat with more coconuts and mangoes, hiding the boat under fallen palm fronds. She begins a hike through the jungle to attempt to locate civilization.

She quickly comes upon three evolved animals that can speak. They inform her she must come to meet their leader, Weasel. When they arrive, they are confronted by Chad, another evolved animal. Weasel greets Mariana and assures her none of the evolved animals eat meat, unless they regress to their base animal instincts - which sometimes happens and is immediately remediated by executing the offender.

In the room with Weasel are a number of large plants with large tooth-filled mouths, also capable of speech. An evolved humanoid jaguar is sentenced to death for eating meat, and she is fed to the carnivorous plants. Unsatisfied, the plants begin to attack Mariana and the others, forcing her to flee with Paul back to her boat. She and Paul get into the boat to leave the strange island behind.


  • Mariana, the survivor of an unseen shipwreck
  • Paul, an evolved humanoid wolf
  • Susan, an evolved humanoid monkey
  • Marcus, an evolved humanoid turtle
  • Chad, an evolved humanoid tiger
  • Gwendolyn, an evolved humanoid jaguar
  • Moreau two, an evolved humanoid version of the carnivorous plant
  • Moreau three and Moreau four, carnivorous plants

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