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This article is in reference to the character named Pookie Chang the GFL football player
For information on Pookie Chang in the novel Nocturnal, see the article on "Pookie" Chang

Pookie Chang (Circa 2682) is a bit character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. As as a running back for the Texas Earthlings, he is mentioned in passing during the first round of the playoffs. He returns in the second round when the Earthlings play the Ionath Krakens.

Life in Football

Tier II

In 2682, Pookie is a running back for the Texas Earthlings. He earns Offensive Player of the Week honors in the first week of the playoffs for 122 yards rushing on 27 carries and 2 touchdowns (3 yards and 7 yards).

Scouting Report

Pookie is known for his powerful inside running. He has excellent hands and powerful forearms, rarely fumbling. While having good hands, he is rarely used in the passing attack.


Pookie is known to enjoy himself off the field, enjoying his stature as a professional football player. When ask once about getting involved in scuffles on the field, he merely replied, "I'm a lover, not a fighter", but he has never been known to back down from a fight.

Occupation if not playing football: Detective


It is not clear if there is any relation between the running back Pookie Chang (circa 2682) and "Pookie" (Lawrence) Chang from the Nocturnal novel, but the FD∅™ has stated during Q&A that you don't have as much fun as "Pookie" Chang does and not have a few descendants running around.

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