Tentacles, Tentacles & More Tentacles

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Tentacles, Tentacles, and More Tentacles

written by Scott Sigler in 4th grade for Mrs. Reynolds class

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One day on a cruise ship, the passengers were just loafing around when there was a scream!

Everybody ran to the ship’s railing. A little girl had fainted. Nine black things were floating on the water, moving very slowly toward the ship.

Captain Smith came on deck. He yelled to his radio operator: “notify the Navy at once”

“yes sir, Captain Smith” said the radio operator.

“two notches ahead at this speed, I want to stay away from those things until the navy gets here” said the captain.

Now everybody was on this side of the ship watching the things in the water. Then another yell came from the “other” side of the ship.

“Look, more tentacles!” screamed a passenger, except they were hanging over the ship, they were just hanging there, doing nothing. Then the arms fell on the ship and picked it up. People were screaming and falling off the ship, and then without warning it broke the ship in two and started crushing it until all that was left was boards and pieces of metal and stuff.

Then, a navy ship came and the thing went under the water, and disappeared.

When the Navy rescued the ship passengers, half of the ones they had rescued were in shock, and half of the passengers were still missing.

Meanwhile, an hour later in Los Angeles, California, some people were out at yoost (yacht), having a party, when all of a sudden they heard a terrifically loud noise “KRRREETJ, KRRRREEETJ” when all of the sudden a big black tentacle lifted about ten feet above the water and began to swing at the yacht. It shattered the steering room right off the yaught (sic), killing two people. Then another tentacle reached up and got the rest of the people and swam away, leaving only a sinking yacht.

Then it started to swim toward the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Then a plane saw it and went down for a closer look. Then, all of the sudden, one of its tentacles reached up and grabbed the plane right out of the sky, never to be seen again.

The monster started swimming, except instead of swimming into the pacific, it started swimming towards Los Angeles.

Meanwhile in LA, Navy headquarters, Lieutenant Hogan, who was monitoring the sonar, said “Sergeant, I think you had better come have a look at this”

When the sergeant looked at it he said “get patrol boat 38, 40, 50 out on the double”

“yes sir”, said Hogan

38, 40, and 50 were on their way out when PT boat 50 saw something and said “50 to 38, 50 to 38, come in 38 do you read me!”

“this is 38 and I read you, what is it”

Then all of the sudden a scream came over the radio from PT boat 50, “no NO, AAAGH”

Then the captain looked out the window with his [binoculars] saw two black tentacles slowly moving toward the PT boat 40. The captain called to PT boat 40, two men looked over the side, and were grabbed by the tip of a tentacle and pulled out into the water. Then the other tentacle reached up and grabbed it right when the ship hit full speed. The monster was taken by surprise!

And it didn’t have time to tighten its muscles. The boat got twenty feet from where it starred and the back end ripped right off. The front kept going, but straight down. The thing let go of the back end and it slowly sank into its icy grave.

Then, the captain could see a single tentacle floating the water. A blue substance was floating out of it. And then he saw another trail of blue stuff and it was heading towards Los Angeles.


Full alert went up at LA Navy headquarters. The sergeant set the Battleship USS Narwhal and the Destroyer USS Whaleshark out to destroy the monster once and for all!

When the monster saw the battleship, it was the biggest thing it ever saw, she was still bigger than it.

The tentacles were moving faster than ever towards the battleship. the Narwhal opened fire on the monster, and two shells hit it. It started to bleed again. The monster was furious!

It immediately attacked the Narwhal, and in five minutes it was gone. The Whaleshark started dropping mines on it while it was still facing the other way. The monster heard noise behind her and turned around so quickly that it caused a big wave going up to the surface that carried the mines right back up to the ship and destroyed it.

Now the monster was bleeding more than ever, so it wasted no time in getting to the mainland. It crawled on the bank and started swinging at buildings, and houses, and destroying everything in reach.

Then tanks started shooting at it, and they were in a strawt (sic). So in one swing of its tentacles sent them flying. Ten jets started flying around above it and started shooting at it, trying to distract it. It worked long enough to get a missile carrier in.

Then all of the sudden its tentacles started swinging, and then destroying seven of them, then the missile carriers fired a single shot at it.

There was an explosion, then a blue chemical started flowing down the streets.

One day, two divers were diving in the Pacific Ocean, when they saw a cave with a clear substance covering it. It was so thick that they couldn’t see through it clearly. But there was a little hole in the corner, so they went in. It was so thick that it took them two minutes to get to the other side.

When they got in, they looked up, and all of a sudden got grabbed by two big black tentacles.