The All-Pro: Galactic Football League Volume 3

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The All-Pro
Title The All-Pro
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published September 2011
Pages TBD
ISBN 978-0983196334
Podcasted Oct 2011 Page

The All-Pro is a thriller / science fiction novel by American author Scott Sigler that was released in 2011. The third book in the Galactic Football League series, The All-Pro is preceeded by The Rookie and The Starter, and continues with The MVP.


Seven centuries into the future, aliens and humans compete for the greatest prize in the universe: the Galactic Football League Galaxy Bowl trophy.

Quarterback Quentin Barnes enters his third season at the helm of the Ionath Krakens. He's re-shaped the team in his image, and the time for excuses is over -- it's win, or be replaced. Quentin's championship quest carries he and his teammates across the galaxy in a brutal twelve-game season fraught with injury and death.

But he faces more than just on-field challenges. As he enters a free-agent year, several franchises vie for his services. Will he play for a new team, or will he remain with his beloved Krakens.

And then there's the slight distraction that someone, somewhere, is trying to assassinate him - and he doesn't know why.

The GFL series is described as "Star Wars" meets "The Blind Side" meets "The Godfather."

Follow the Krakens as they fight to take the title and achieve immortality.

Main Characters

Name Information
Quentin Barnes Quarterback for the Ionath Krakens

Promotional Efforts

Characters Named for Fans

As with recent previous works by the author, this novel contains the names of fans appearing as some of the characters. The luckiest of the fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely death. The following link references a table dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

Release Schedule


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date ISBN
1st Ed. Hardcover (Dark Øverlord Media) United States 2011 978-0983196334


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date
2011 Podcast Audio Release Worldwide (Internet) October 2011

Episode Downloads

To promote the release of his self-published novel entitled The All-Pro, Sigler has released the podcasted audio episodes below.

Date Episode Number Download Link
October 30, 2011 Episode 1 Download
November 6, 2011 Episode 2 Download
November 11, 2011 Episode 3 Download

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