The Crypt (novel series)

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This article is about the series of stories in Aethon books' series of novels.
For the 2008 podcast, see The Crypt (podcast)
For the titular ship at the center of the series, see PUV James Keeling


Set approximately 500 years in the future, at a time when human expansion into the Milky Way has fractured humanity into three main groups (The Planetary Union, the League of Planets and the Purist Nation). As technology has allowed humanity to colonize and explore the galaxy, alien species have been discovered. Alliances have been formed, enemies declared, and Galactic War seems a never-ending prospect.

The Planetary Union has discovered a vessel capable of moving between dimensions, not just space. The process of doing so, however, causes passengers to experience horrific visions, leading to self-harm, murder and insanity. The PU government, however, is unwilling to sacrifice such a valuable and unique asset as the PUV James Keeling, though it is more than willing to sacrifice its crew by sending the dregs of society to serve on it, with the promise of absolution after serving two years aboard, if they can make it that long.


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